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I have more than 2 tabs in a excel file I want to merge the tabs can u help me do u have any macro to do this job
Solved by Z. J. in 19 mins
Can you help with an excel formula for 1 - 10% = 1, 11-20% = 2, 21-30%=3 ect?
Solved by C. H. in 29 mins
i have an excel worksheet I had to modify. I added columns to the right and they are not wrapping to the existing columns. My formulas are correct. The client wants " Please format report for landscape, narrow margins, wrap test, and great row height so this prints better. Also any formulas that are "#VALUE" instead of a workable formula" I have no idea what he is talking about. Thanks for help
Solved by M. F. in 24 mins
 In cell I9, create a formula without using a function that first adds the selected boxed set’s net weight (cell I8) to the packing weight (cell F5), and then divides the value by 16 to show the shipping weight in pounds. This is an excel problem on a home work assignment. I CAN NOT figure it out. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. help. This is attached to a goal seek analysis at the end and an if else statement in the cell below it. These two problems are wrong if this problem is wrong. HELP
Solved by F. C. in 22 mins
I am using a MS excel. I want find sum of two largest of sum of columns. So please would anybody help me in this?
Solved by A. C. in 21 mins
I am trying to use excel to simulate the charging and discharging of a battery. As in once the battery reaches 1, the level of charge will decrease until it reaches 0 and then begin charging again back to 1. I have tried using multiple IFS functions that do not seem to be working as, for example:IFS(cell<=1, cell-10%, cell>0, cell+10%), the array will always continue to decrease or increase past 0 and 1 respectively and will never loop within the range. Hypothetically you can say that it increases 10% an hour from 0-1 and decreases 10% an hour from 1-0. Any help much appreciated thanks.
Solved by G. E. in 11 mins
My Excel V.2016 does not have "Get and Transform" or "Power Pivot" software. Can you help
Solved by X. Q. in 30 mins
Hi Excel Expert, Please help in in following List1 A B C D E 1. Excel Word Google Apple ?? 2. List 2 Apple Banana Pears Grapes How to Match List 1 and list 2 with common word, in this case, apple, and it should be in E1 Thank you very much
Solved by O. A. in 15 mins
Hello, I am trying to find the formula to use in excel that converts a weekly, fortnightly, quarterly or annually dollar value into a monthly dollar value. Are you able to please help with this?
Solved by Z. B. in 24 mins
HI, I'm struggling with a Formula, please help: I want to get the "NOW" time if I type in a different cell For e.g. The number of an trail runner athlete (602)( and say for instance that's type in the A Column, I need excel to give the "NOW" time in Column B for me) To conclude:(must look something like this) A B 602 14:05 610 14:14 1299 14:20
Solved by A. C. in 30 mins