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Solved by S. E. in 26 mins
i feed my excel with data from server, login id enter and exit date, need to calculate total day of same id consecutive login, i do sum one by one in column H, but, i have 5000 and more data coming up. how to do that automatically in excel. also need the color to be aoutomatically changed to yellow and orange if possible.then i need cumulative days on column i
Solved by C. C. in 19 mins
What is the best way to set up a worksheet with payroll periods for a year in order to be able to pull by specific reports by specific payroll dates for specific employees
Solved by M. H. in 19 mins
Hi I would like to be able to import all of my trades and paste all the data in a template? But I don't want this to be time consuming!
Solved by V. Q. in 24 mins
D13 and E13 is total the column as average in each cell. Ince completed I now want you to figure out in column F if the salary for NY is under $80k with a yes or No statement and if the salary range for each individual for Philadelphia salary over $70k.
Solved by F. S. in 20 mins
Hi, I am making a CF projection, & I need to sum numbers depending on a range or criterias: Name of Vendor; Payment Status (Paid, Unpaid). That I can do using Sumifs. However, I need to sum up numbers provided that transaction relates only to month which have passed. For ex, I am making CF for the month of May and I only need to sum up unpaid amounts for Vendor 1 if they were to be paid before May (ie Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr). How to add that criteria to SUMIFS or any other formula?
Solved by C. E. in 14 mins
I'm trying to sum hours worked by staff on a Saturday, but no more than 2 hours if 38 hours have been worked during the week (Mon-Fri)
Solved by C. L. in 26 mins
I just received help on an excel file where the person I worked with helped stack Name, Address, City, State Zip. It worked online but when saved to my excel, all are on one line and not stacked. Could it be I have an old excel program? I'll upload my file with Column H being the one someone at Chat helped generate.
Solved by T. H. in 12 mins
I need to print my Excel sheet to an A3 page. Each time I select A3, it prints out but it's all too small. I want the page to fill the whole A3 page. I seem to be able to do this for A4 but not A3.
Solved by O. S. in 30 mins
Is there a small manual, I can download, for Excel on my IPhone.
Solved by O. Q. in 29 mins