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Here are some problems that our users have asked and received explanations on

| need a formula to show the next 3 columns following a given column
Solved by E. C. in 19 mins
i have a list of text and i want to categorize them and count them
Solved by B. Q. in 11 mins
Solved by M. S. in 15 mins
I am looking for some help with VBA pertaining to a chart. I have a line graph that is tracking some values over a period of time, but these values can change based on a single output that I choose. As I change the input the chart could show value of 5 or even 1000. The chart is defaulted to having the min axis value be 0, so every time the values are in the 1000s, the chart looks really bad and has a lot of extra white space. I want to have a macro calculate the min value of the chart and then set the min axis value to that value minus 5.
Solved by A. B. in 25 mins
I need to copy values via index to transfer data from duplicate values within a column into a secondary sheet. The duplicate values need to be shown is a second column
Solved by V. A. in 20 mins
Would like excel to skip blank cells and only provide value from cells with value in them
Solved by T. Q. in 21 mins
When copying formulas cell to cell, the correct cell references appear but the result is what was in the original cell. Once worked, now it doesn't.
Solved by C. W. in 30 mins
is there formula to calulate q values, not p values, from list containing relative intensities for items in different groups.
Solved by V. U. in 30 mins
Hello. I have an Excel that I need to determine an Incentive rate (percentage) for selling certain type of products. The rate is based on a few different variables 1) How large is the organization (A: up to 2,399 users, B: Up to 5,999 users, C: Up to 14,99 users, D:15000+ users) 2) The product Category (Core, Tier 2, Tier 1, Azure) 3)If the order is "New "Renew" or "Mid-Term". I have an Excel that I'm trying to add which I can screenshare.
Solved by V. A. in 30 mins
Need a way to automatically consolidate a list to one row per entry
Solved by F. F. in 28 mins