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Hi, I am one of the Administrators of my company, supervising the contact lead and customer cycle together with our sales team. We have used Quickbooks to do so before but needed to add a few more information due to the very specialised nature of our products. Structure of tables enclosed: 1. Contact leads table to be seen as main database from which the 'Inactive' and 'Customers' tables are drawing from (using simple if-formulars) 2. Using filter options in the tables 'inactive' and 'customers' all results showing n/a's are being filtered out. 3. Further Status of orders or reason for why a customer was added through the 'status list' and the data validation excel function. My current problem is: 1. I would like to have an 'automatic running' formular that transfers. Currently my approach is very manual and time intensive as I continously have to further adjust the if-formulas to make e.g. new customers appear in the 'customers' table after the my colleague adjusted their status in the contact leads table. 2. I did try iferror function and did not find the result pleasing. I would greatly appreciate your support! Thank you! Kind regards, Neblina Weggeland
Solved by F. J. in 25 mins
I am trying to create an if and statement in excel. In column A I have a client number but there may be multiple rows with the same client number. I then need to sum the number of times a specific data validation from column C is present for each client number. Can you assist me with this?
Solved by D. H. in 20 mins
My dependent data validation formula works only for the first row. the formula I'm using is: =OFFSET(Heading Cell, MATCH(cell, picklist range,0),0, COUNTIF(picklist range, cell))
Solved by O. L. in 23 mins
How do I get a cell to populate with a specific number when another cell is selected yes via data validation techniques?
Solved by A. H. in 13 mins
Would like to have your help on a problem which is not getting solved by me , The following attached file is an example of the project i am working on , I have few products with me , with their rates , I provide the quantity of sales happens for a month in the qty column and the value comes up in "Value" column , what I require is when ever I select any month from the data validation I get the values of the total sales in the month column which does not changes and if I select the next month the values gets to the next month.
Solved by T. H. in 28 mins
I want to apply IF(AND) to two Data Validation Lists - meaning, If I choose from list 1 option 1 and from list 2 option 2, I get a specific output.
Solved by Z. J. in 25 mins
I've created an excel drop down list from table with data validation so that once an item is selected from the list (starting in cell B2, it cannot be selected in the range from C2:R2) and would like to apply it to rows 3-1000
Solved by C. E. in 30 mins
I can seem to quite figure out how to use the data validation to auto fill cells based on the value chosen in another cell. I've watched videos on Dynamic Dependent Drop downs thinking I could figure it out but I am missing something. I am using one cell as a drop down and want to have other cells auto fill with data from a table based on the choice made in the first cell.
Solved by V. E. in 11 mins
Please, I would appreciate any assistance on how I can use the VLookUp function as the formula for creating the list in the data validation function. Sub PipFitDes() Dim j As Integer LastRow = Sheets("Pipes & Fittings").Range("J" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row For j = 9 To LastRow Sheets("Project Costing").Select If Sheets("Project Costing").Cells(j, "E") <> "" Then 'Ename = Sheets("Project Costing").Cells(j, "E").Value Sheets("Project Costing").Range("F9:F200").Select With Selection.Validation .Delete .Add Type:=xlValidateList, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator:= _ xlBetween, Formula1:=Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup("*" & Sheets("Project Costing").Cells(j, "E").Value & "*", Sheets("Pipes & Fittings").Range("H9:J2000"), 3, False) .IgnoreBlank = True .InCellDropdown = True .InputTitle = "" .ErrorTitle = "" .InputMessage = "" .ErrorMessage = "" .ShowInput = True .ShowError = True End With End If Next j End Sub
Solved by X. H. in 23 mins
I have a sheet I turned into a form on excel that has a submit button that will generate an Outlook email with the file attached. I need to have specific cells be mandatory before being able to submit the form if a certain selection ("Provider Change") is chosen in a Data Validation dropdown in the first cell. If the other option in the Data Validation dropdown is chosen ("Group Change"), then a different set of cells will need to be mandatory before being allowed to submit.
Solved by Z. Y. in 19 mins