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Set up an Excel solver model that will help our “faculty farmer” determine how many of each type of vegetable to plant, so that he can make as much profit as possible. Excel should put the results in the "Quantity to be Planted" column.
Solved by X. F. in 15 mins
Solved by Z. J. in 22 mins
hey I have two sheets going right now, and its been competition results for men and women in a number of different events, spanning back to the 80's in most cases, and its divided in vertical tables by Result (1-8)| Name | Nationality | Time | Year | Event | I'm trying to summarize all my results on one sheet, however I have over 2500 rows of data. I've tried reading the excel help on word and it didnt help me at all. are there any other shortcuts or ways I could do it
Solved by D. W. in 14 mins
I was given an excel spreadsheet with vertical text that is not wrapping correctly. The text is going beyond the confines of the cell but is hidden. Any help with being able to see all of the text but still have it be vertical would be appreciated.
Solved by B. E. in 19 mins
I need help developing constraints for an excel solver problem
Solved by C. W. in 19 mins
Need help to build a button in excel that is same as Refresh All on Summary sheet cell K3 in attached file
Solved by M. F. in 18 mins
I'm trying to figure out why my excel formula is ignoring trailing zeros. I've tried different formatting and it still won't work. The issue is with cell Q32. Q32 shows as .0350 but when my formula grabs it it shows as 0.035. It should show as .0350. Any help on this would be great. My formula is: ="CONFIRM: You "&M32&" "&N32&IF(K32="APO","/mo ","/kbbl ")&J32&" "&K32&" "&L32&" "&P32&" "&O32&" @ "&Q32&", "&IF(ISBLANK(T32),"You "&W32&" "&X32&IF(K32="APO","/mo ","/kbbl ")&J32&" "&L32&" "&IF(K32="APO","financial futures ","futures ")&" @ "&Y32&"; ClearPort, Thank You","You "&R32&" "&S32&IF(K32="APO","/mo ","/kbbl ")&J32&" "&K32&" "&L32&" "&T32&" "&U32&" @ "&V32&", You "&W32&" "&X32&IF(K32="APO","/mo ","/kbbl ")&J32&" "&L32&" "&IF(K32="APO","financial futures ","futures ")&" @ "&Y32&"; ClearPort, Thank You")
Solved by M. Y. in 21 mins
Hello, I'm having trouble looking up one value and returning a different value in excel. Can you help me with this?
Solved by I. H. in 17 mins
i am new to excel and need help. i have an ordering sheet and if someone orders for example a desk, they put that quantity in a cell A1, lets say 50. next they can order chairs but i have 2 types, so there is a cell A2 for chairs with wheels and a cell A3 for chairs without. is there a formula so that lets them order whichever combination of chairs chairs they'd like without exceeding the quantity total of the desks ordered? like if they wanted both they could order 25 each but not 25 and 26 because it would be over the 50 they ordered.
Solved by I. U. in 23 mins
Need help with a excel data cell contains row number need them organized based on the row number in the tex
Solved by M. J. in 21 mins