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I'm trying to get a cell to add up all the cells in a column range that have an "A" and then another cell to add up all the cells in the same range to add up all that have a "P".
Solved by K. J. in 22 mins
I have 3 pivot tables, all from same source, where pivot 1 reflects all "occurrences". Pivot 2 shows a subset of pivot 1 "occurrences" that also have any specified "codes". Pivot 3 shows a subset of pivot 2, where it shows only a few of the "codes" from pivot 2. I'd like to combine some data from each of these pivot tables in a single chart. Do i somehow have to link the 3 pivot tables (e.g. using power pivot, maybe?) in order to do so? I can provide screenshots or sample example of pivots. The attached example is located in TAB7 Thanks
Solved by O. C. in 21 mins
I need a formula that says cell J4 is false unless it is < or = 2 OR > or = 12.5 In other words if > 2 or < 12.5 it is false I tried the following but it doesn't work: =IF(J4<=2,"Yes","No") or IF(J4>=12.5,"Yes","No")
Solved by Z. A. in 16 mins
im trying to make a graph and it has two columns of data so i dont understand why its only making one line i need two
Solved by I. J. in 20 mins
If in column A I have a set of values and column B has a set of corresponding values, I need to know if I were to type in a value in say C1 that is a value from column A and then another value in D1 that is also a value in column A, I need E1 to display the avg of the values between the value I type in C1 to D1, but I need the avg to be of the corresponding values from column B.
Solved by T. D. in 15 mins
If I have a list of values, how can I multiply each of them in turn, and get the final accumulated result at the end?
Solved by B. A. in 30 mins
hey i wana ask how can i custom filter more than one state in a excel data sheet
Solved by D. J. in 21 mins
Hi, i have 2 spreadsheets that have different information but of the same people. So there is an ID number for each person in both sheets, but different information that they filled out at different time points. However, at some point, people dropped out between timepoints A and B. I am trying to combine those 2 sheets together and I have been using individual v-lookup functions, but I think index and match is a much better, quicker option (there are literally 100's of columns of answers from each person). I've been trying functions after watching youtube videos but I'm still having a hard time.
Solved by X. Q. in 13 mins
My professor is telling me I didn't​ input the correct formulas.
Solved by S. S. in 13 mins
i have a formula which work perfectly butmim trying to change it to stop duplicating the same answer
Solved by A. S. in 29 mins