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Hi excel expert team, The following is the problem that I need help with. I have a number of Wind turbine positions plotted in excel (having the coordinates of them) within a specific area. These basically look like dots in a plot. I need to connect these dots together creating at the most 8 strings from one certain point (offshore substation) taking into account that some obstacles need to be avoided. Is there a way of doing so?
Solved by B. E. in 26 mins
I'm trying to find a way to color a particular word in the excel cell. I have multiple words. But only want a particular word to be colored. And that has to be automatically color coded if we try to write that word in that particular sheet. Could any one please help me on this..
Solved by X. W. in 17 mins
I'm trying to do practice problems for a class using excel, even though in my field, I'll never use it. My professor is awful and doesnt help with anything I just want to learn how to do this list of problems correctly. I am absolutely lost.
Solved by A. A. in 17 mins
Hi, trying to copy and paste data from excel which has logo images underneath each entry into a google spreadsheet but it won't transfer the images, just the text??? Help!
Solved by G. F. in 13 mins
Hello! :) I am trying to work on an IF/AND nested excel formula, below is what I want it to do: If D7's value is 60-69%, then multiply 'Inventory Data'!D9 by (1+.10) If D7's value is 70-79%, then multiply 'Inventory Data'!D9 by (1+.20) If D7's value is 80-89%, then multiply 'Inventory Data'!D9 by (1+.30) If D7's value is 90-99%, then multiply 'Inventory Data'!D9 by (1+.40) If D7's value is 100-500%, then multiply 'Inventory Data'!D9 by (1+.50) This is the formula I put together, but it won't go past the first set of criteria and just multiplies it by (1+10) to gross it up 10%, even though it is at 95% and should fall in the criteria where it needs to be multiplied by (1+40) . Thank you so much for your help
Solved by I. D. in 20 mins
With Excel 2007 on Windows 7, I cannot bring any page breaks on screen. If there is a Show Page Breaks check box, I have been unable to locate it. Or how else can I bring up the page breaks? Page Setup/Breaks/Insert Page Break does nothing. Please help.
Solved by C. H. in 29 mins
Looking for help with an excel formula used to make a Pie Graph. Cannot seem to switch the formula from the template to work on the new sheet
Solved by D. A. in 13 mins
Hello can you help me with excel even if i do not know how to explain what i'm doing?
Solved by D. J. in 12 mins
Need help with Excel Web query for loading account data through API!
Solved by A. H. in 21 mins
I need to find the the reporting structure in an employee data(managers and their subordinates in an excel data) I have tried to use vlookup formula all to no avail. I nee help urgently.
Solved by V. C. in 20 mins