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Hello I need help with rand() concept. please can you help me with it
Solved by F. Q. in 12 mins
I'm on excel and I've got this sheet. On this sheet I get an output that varies according to the values chosen above, which are constantly changing because of the rand value attached
Solved by T. S. in 27 mins
I need a function to automatically sort a table based on the following three columns: Name (a text description of the data), Modifier (an integer that will modify the random), and the formula =SUM(RANDBETWEEN(1,10),RANDBETWEEN(1,10),(data from column 2)) This table needs to automatically sort the names of the data set by the outcome of the formula in the third column and would be able to resort the table if the modifier column is adjusted without recalculating the rand portion of the formula.
Solved by M. W. in 15 mins
I need help using the RAND and excel AND functions and applying specific conditions
Solved by E. J. in 15 mins
I'm assigning a different RAND number to a quantity of cells on one sheet. Those 'quantity of cells' contain text and some contain a pic. On a different sheet I randomly select a few of those 'quantity of cells' using - "=INDEX(WDM!$B$2:$B$13,RANK(WDM!A2,WDM!$A$2:$A$13))" It comes up with a different sub-set of 'quantity of cells' when it re-calculates - works perfect. Except the cells with pics won't display those pics. Got any ideas?
Solved by Z. H. in 21 mins
Want to set up a translations quiz, using rand between and vlookups, all working fine, except when i go to submit an answer the rand between changes value and makes my answer wrong, have tried a nested if, but circular reference, how can I only get the random number generator excel in a range?
Solved by B. F. in 30 mins
this is what I am using : if(isnumber(search("a",A1,1),"a") However I need to search for more than just the letter "a" in the column A. so I have cells b1 = a , b2=b, b3=c , so when I try if(isnumber(search($B$1:$B$3,$A$1,1),$B1:$B$3) this will be dragged down to all cells to search each cell of column A, and this is where I get no results with the second formula, where formula 1 works. To take it a step further I want to assign a Rand Value to the B cells, so that when the words/letter match instead of posting the word/letter it posts the Rand value.
Solved by C. J. in 17 mins
Hello, I am trying to have it where if I add 4 randbetween functions of 1,20 and they are <20, I add two more formulas. I hope this is worded correctly, I'm really just trying to figure out the formula to add two more things to the existing problem if it doesn't equal the amount needed. so I have A-D with the formula =RANDBETWEEN(1,20) then if that is less than 20 when added together I want to add 2 more of the =RANDBETWEEN(1,20) to the problem to give me a number, it's supposed to simulate rolling 20 sided dice.
Solved by I. U. in 30 mins
Good Morning, I have created a database in Excel that utilises a form and VBA programing to populate the document, however when you click OK on the form it does load the information into the table however it places the data into random rows leaving blank rows in the table.
Solved by O. D. in 16 mins
I wanto get random names from a list of names without repeats and without using macro. Can you help me with random text generator?
Solved by M. A. in 22 mins