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Looking for a formula in column P to capture any carry over PDU from the previous month. For example P10 should be 691 but its is not necessarily going to equal the ABS of L.
Solved by D. S. in 23 mins
Can I get the following formula to work with ABS function? '=DATEDIF(B5,E5,"Y")&" Years, "&DATEDIF(B5,E5,"YM")&" Months, "&DATEDIF(B5,E5,"MD")&" Days"
Solved by G. U. in 11 mins
What is the median absolute deviation excel? what will be the Mean absolute deviance after excluding "Weight" variable from our model ? (Hint : MAD=sum(abs(actual- predicted))/n)
Solved by Z. W. in 30 mins
Problem with this formula: =INDEX($CQ$5:$CQ$13,MATCH(MIN(ABS(AD22-CQ5:CQ13)),ABS(AD22-$CQ$5:$CQ$13),0))
Solved by Z. W. in 22 mins
I need to insert a formula in cell E3 that multiplies the hourly rate by the hours and then adds that amount to the product (multiplication) of the hourly rate by the overtime pay rate by the overtime hours. (need to use parentheses and an absolute cell reference for the overtime pay rate)
Solved by M. H. in 17 mins
Hello I'm making a fretboard calculator that shows the notes as fractions. Column B is the open string tunings expressed as fractions. I have a 3/2 (cells G14 and G15) being added to each of the open strings Column G (fret1) shows the resulting fractions at that fret. I simply want to copy columns C-G over to column H so I can have a fret 2 how do I copy Columns C-G so that the formulas stay intact and always reference the open string fractions (column B) I think this is called absolute values? Than I want to copy it over again so I have frets 1-40. Than I want to Copy that and create a duplicate version below it on row 18 for comparisons. Any help is greatly appreciated
Solved by Z. D. in 11 mins
I need help with functions, heres the question "Insert a function in cell G5 to calculate the first student's monthly payment, using appropriate relative and absolute cell references."
Solved by S. Q. in 19 mins
Insert an IF function in cell E5 to calculate the total due. If the student has chosen to personalize the ring, there is an additional charge of 5% located in cell B21 that must be applied; if not, the student only pays the base price. Use appropriate relative and absolute cell references. Cell C5 contains the $400 that needs the cell B21 surcharge applied to but will calculate totals for the students who didn't personalize their ring
Solved by Z. L. in 16 mins
Insert a function in cell G5 to calculate the first student's monthly payment including cell B22 which is the interest rate, using appropriate relative and absolute value excel. Also please verify if the formula in C5 through C11 is correct
Solved by O. U. in 11 mins
Using the hlookup function in cell h11 to calculate freight cost based on the shipping class and state to which the shipment is going. Freight Cost can be referenced on the "Freight Cost" lookup table (range e5:n8). Be sure to use appropriate relative and absolute cell references. Hint: you will need to use a funciton within the hlookup function to determine the appropriate row................. Something in my formula is not working. Can you help me?
Solved by G. C. in 20 mins