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7. Determine whether or not you will need a loan for each potential purchase. a. In cell C15, enter a formula using an IF function to determine if you need a loan. Your available cash is located on the Data sheet in cell A3. If the price of the car is less than or equal to your available cash, display "no". If the price of the car is more than your available, cash, display "yes". Use absolute references where appropriate—you will be copying this formula across the row. b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
Solved by Z. Q. in 30 mins
11. In cell B15, use the keyboard to enter a formula that multiplies the value in cell B9 (the number of students attending the cardio class) by the value in cell C5 (the cost of each cardio class). Use an absolute cell reference to cell C5 and a relative reference to cell B9. Copy the formula from cell B15 to the range C15:M15.
Solved by O. J. in 15 mins
On the Sales worksheet, enter a nested function in cell J8 of the Bonus column to display the bonus amount. If the employee sold $200,000 or more (cell J2) AND is International (cell I4), he or she earns a 5% (cell J4) bonus on his or her total annual sales; otherwise, the representative earns 3% (cell J3) of his or her total annual sales. Use relative and mixed (or absolute) references correctly in the nested function
Solved by F. L. in 23 mins
11. In cell I6, create a formula using the VLOOKUP function to display the number of calories in the selected boxed set. Use the boxed set listed in cell I5 as the lookup value, the range A14:D17 as the table array, column number 2 as the column index number, and FALSE as the range lookup value. Use absolute references for cell I5 and the range A14:D17
Solved by K. F. in 30 mins
How can I find the absolute value of 0 and create an absolute value list of number?
Solved by S. F. in 18 mins
What is sheet tabs definition? How can I shortcut switch tabs and sort tabs in excel?
Solved by M. E. in 19 mins