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I'm trying to figure out a formula that lets me find the 3rd character of a number within a certain date range and then take the total count and divide it by the total piece count to give me a % which reflects onto another sheet in that workbook. The formula I am using to find the 3rd character is =SUMPRODUCT(--(MID(I18:I500,3,1)="9")) and =SUMPRODUCT(--(MID(I18:I499,3,1)="8")). Here are some pictures that might help. I need the 3rd character in column "I" to be totaled and then divided by the total piece count "B4" to get a percentage that is reflected on Sheet "PDC Dashboard" in B57, C57, etc based on the date range those pieces are in.
Solved by A. A. in 21 mins
I need to change the the date range on the upper side of the sheet (Delivery timeline & resources)
Solved by C. B. in 21 mins
I need to change the date range in the chart underneath the section Delivery Timeline & Resources
Solved by S. W. in 26 mins
I have a list of date ranges and I want a formula to calculate the number of nights by day.
Solved by O. Q. in 23 mins
I have a source data sheet and I working on a summary sheet to pull data together. e.g.: Summary Tab Date range; 1.7.17 - 31.7.17 Shirts Dress Skirts On source document - I have individual lines which are coded to the above categories and other sub-categories, with delivery dates. the source doc dates range over 12 months I want to be able to paste in updated source data & have the summary page update - changing the date range above to move through months. The basic category SUMIF are fine. But when I need to sort by both the Category & then again by sub-cat I get error. I also need a formula that adds up only the numbers in that category with a delivery date within {that range}?? Can you help?
Solved by X. H. in 29 mins
I want cell H5 to count every date is that is in June from B13:B102 . I have my helper 2 helper cells set with the date range starting at M5 and ending on O5. What is wrong with my formula?? =COUNTIFS($B$13:$B$102, ">="&$M$5,$B$13:$B$102,"<="&$O$5)
Solved by G. F. in 29 mins
I have checked everything, I cannot see why some of these lines are not conforming to the date range in the formula? can anyone else help?
Solved by Z. B. in 14 mins
Hi, I have two formula's I need help to build. Both of these are to give the count of each "namekey = 1" in column C on the style status tab. 1. TAB "Open to Buy" - Column D = The count of "name keys" [each namekey = 1] from column C - but only count -TAB Style Status - the "name keys" that have a qty in column U - W/H Qty and total count into each corrosponding categories, such as 01VES etc using the column D - style status tab & column A - open to buy tab. 2. Open to Buy TAB - Column O = By Categories 01VES as above - Count of "Namekeys" [namekey = 1 style] in Style Status Tab - column C but only if style status TAB - column Q date is in the date range of Open to buy TAB - K4 to K5 thanks
Solved by I. H. in 29 mins
Converting a quarter (4Q'14) into a start and end date range. So for example, 4Q'14 would become 10/1/14 - 12/31/14. Please note that the quarters in my workbook (4Q'14) are projected quarters which are x months prior or after a particular date. For example, the date 12/15/17 became the quarter 4Q'14 since the requirement was to project a date 36 months prior. I have several columns that project months prior and post a specific date across various # of months (18, 6, 24, 36 months and etc). The formula used to project these dates is: =MONTH(date(year(A2),month(A2)-18,day(A2)))/3&"Q'"&mid(year(date(year(A2),month(A2)-18,day(A2))),3,2) For each projected quarter I would change the "-18" to represent how many months post or prior to a particular date I wanted. My goal is to then convert these projected quarters to date ranges as I explained in the beginning.
Solved by Z. H. in 21 mins
I need help on conditional formatting dates. So in short, I need the cells to be red if the date is between the 1st and 14th, then green if the date is between the 15th and 30th (or 31st). The current formula I am using is the following: RED =TODAY()>DATE(2017,8,1) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,9,1) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,10,1) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,11,1) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,12,1) GREEN =TODAY()>DATE(2017,8,15) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,9,15) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,10,15) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,11,15) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,12,15) So, I went in to the "Conditional Formatting" then went to manage rules, add rule. Then I did it in order of month, red to green. For example I would copy and paste the 8/17 red code and then the 08/17 green code, in order up to December 2017. It is now the 20th and I opened the excel sheet to check if the cell would be green because the date range but it is not. I have an attachable image.
Solved by E. F. in 19 mins