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A formula that calculates the conditional weighted average of a set of values. The relevant sheet is 'Data'. Range of values is B5:G1000. The formula must calculate the weighted average of one assessment category (matching col L with col B) within a specific date range M2 and N2. Weights are found in column D
Solved by M. Q. in 23 mins
I have a Query in Excel which links to a SQL database and pulls the data out as intended. I wanted to further enhance the Excel so that the date range in the SQL is replaced with parameters that are entered manually in the Excel spreadsheet. I have created a table called 'Parameters' and I have created the function to pick up these parameters but I think i get an issue with the date formatting in 'Query1'. Can you help fix my issue or maybe recommend a different approach?
Solved by A. B. in 12 mins
sum if a amount associated with a category, within a date range. must tie into the master filters in the SUMMARY sheet.
Solved by S. E. in 25 mins
I have a line chart created with 3 series (data sources) total, from 3 pivot tables. I also have 3 filters for each pivot table (the same filter for each table). My issue is that my date ranges on tables #2 & #3 are not showing blank data and keeping the date list the same when I filter the pivot tables. I have selected the Pivot table Display Option to 'Display item labels when no fields are in the values area' and it is doing that for the first pivot table, not for the others. The setting is greyed out for tables #2 & #3 and still checked (although not displayed).
Solved by Z. Q. in 17 mins
Need to calculate out two equally spaced points between a range of dates. Basically like the MEDIAN function between two cells that have dates, but I need to produce two equally spaced points between that range. For example. If I have the following date range (A1) 2/2/2018 (B1) 7/2/2018, then that's roughly 150 days total. I want 4 equally spaced points (Start, Start-Mid, Mid-End, End). So I'd say that's 50 day chunks spaced euqally. Which would produce 4 total dates 2/2/2018 - 3/24/2018 - 5/13/2018 - 7/2/2018.
Solved by K. J. in 15 mins
I need a formula for a multi workbook that countif date range on workbook 4 the date range in column A is between 1/1/2018 and 3/31/2018 and the entry in column B is Medical then L32 on workbook 1 (medical column) would would count 1. I would need them to count all of the "medicals" in column B for the date range above.
Solved by G. H. in 21 mins
I am trying to find a formula that determines if date range A lies within date range B, then return how what days are in the range, followed by the start and end date. Example: - Date Range A = April 1 - April 30 - Date Range B = April 15 - Dec 31 Answer I need: - the start date of the range overlap is April 15 (Cell 2) - the end date of the range overlap is April 30 (Cell 3) - Number of days overlapping is 15. (Cell 1)
Solved by F. W. in 22 mins
Create a summary table of all employees, breaking down flight spending and segments traveled for each employee. a. Add the ability for users to select a range of transactions using two date range fields. Create a table where the user selects an employee from a drop-down list and then the table populates all of the travel segments for that user.
Solved by I. A. in 21 mins
hello i have the range of dates and the range of serial numbers respective to the date. I want to find what is the last recorded date of repeated serial number from date range.
Solved by C. Y. in 18 mins
I cannot use sumifs while only summing up a particular date range in spreadsheet
Solved by Z. A. in 13 mins