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My conditional formatting on excel doesn't apply to the newest rows of data I create (in red). The rows (458 and prior) still work with the rule. How can I extend the rule further down the sheet?
Solved by T. H. in 27 mins
I'm using icon sets in conditional formatting in excel, and the icons are appearing to be wrong based on the percentage.
Solved by I. C. in 12 mins
Trying to apply conditional formatting to a block of cells based on content of one of those cells. I need to highlight w/ one of four colors. The colors are based on criteria within a large list of model numbers that contain letters and numbers. Each color would apply to a portion of those model numbers.
Solved by C. Y. in 20 mins
Hi, I have a google sheet shared by the team, I set the google sheets conditional formatting, the row will turn into certain colors as cell values are updated, the next thing I want to accomplish is to move all the rows that has changed to certain colors to another spreadsheet, automatically...Is it something achievable?
Solved by X. J. in 22 mins
I have a conditional formatting for excel that is =LEN($W$2:$W$24)<15 , what I'm trying to do is highlight those cells that have more than 15 characters which could be text or numbers. Help the formula above highlight all in the column.
Solved by K. S. in 14 mins
I have a spreadsheet that has coloured cells ( conditional formatting ).. There are 7 sites with 12 results per site, highlighted Red or Green in cell depending on how they are doing I want to rank each site across the 7 be the best wit the most green cells out of their 12 areas per site
Solved by A. A. in 19 mins
I want to rank the 7 sites by the the amount of green coloured cells ( Conditional formatting ) There are 12 scores per site and i want the most green per site the get the highest rank
Solved by M. L. in 12 mins
I need to link the value of a drop down option to a COUNTIF function between tabs. Also, I need to use an excel conditional formatting based on another cell which generated the number from using the previous functions, to give a pass/fail grade. This is all between sheets in the same workbook.
Solved by C. J. in 27 mins
I am trying to work how I can create a conditional formatting on a selected cell when a previous cell has been selected as a certain icon in a list. For Example: When I select my category 'RTW' from the choices in my list in column B, I want it to pick up on column C if I have not entered the right amount of figures in the cell (it needs to be exactly 12 digits). If it is incorrect I need it to highlight red.
Solved by M. H. in 27 mins
I cannot figure this step out and need help please. Step 1: At this point, a smaller list of countries should be visible in the worksheet “Internet user and pop. Table”. Cross reference these countries with the list of tech ready countries in the “Tech Readiness 2016” and highlight in the “Internet user and pop. Table” worksheet the country or countries that are in both lists. You may choose any shade of orange as the highlighting color. Cross reference them using conditional formatting.
Solved by K. D. in 20 mins