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I'm using icon sets in conditional formatting in excel, and the icons are appearing to be wrong based on the percentage.
Solved by I. C. in 12 mins
Trying to apply conditional formatting to a block of cells based on content of one of those cells. I need to highlight w/ one of four colors. The colors are based on criteria within a large list of model numbers that contain letters and numbers. Each color would apply to a portion of those model numbers.
Solved by C. Y. in 20 mins
I have entered a data validation drop down box which when active is chosen it turns green and inactive turns red using conditional formatting. However how can I make this colour change apply to the whole row based on the choice of Inactive or Active? Please refer to F6 on the Woodside Tables tab on the attached excel document.
Solved by C. D. in 12 mins
Hello, I have a spread sheet with 5 market mix categories; with conditional formatting to change the colour based on wording in column C. I would now like to set a formula for Cell C43 = the Sum of all cells in column W that are orange in column C.
Solved by S. Q. in 27 mins
I'm looking for a formula that I can set up for conditional formatting to highlight an entire row of cells based on the condition of two specific values. I need this rule to have 8 variant outcomes as well, differentiated by color.
Solved by I. J. in 20 mins
Please reference EXP_321 I am trying to get conditional formatting based on a column that is NOT included in the value of the pivot table. My pivot table has values based off column g "Price" while I want the conditional formatting to be based off column L "# Sold" EX: If I sold between 1 and 5 of my 5x8 model 600 the unit price of $446 will turn yellow.
Solved by S. W. in 27 mins
I have conditional formatting on a table column that is based on another column. Is there a way to pull that color into the pivot table formatting without doing an additional conditional format?
Solved by O. D. in 14 mins
i need help regarding conditional formatting. i want to create an excel conditional formatting based on another cell value. example is given on attached sheet
Solved by A. A. in 23 mins
I want to highlight cells in a row based on the test in one of the calls - I think it is conditional formatting, and have tried to follow instruction, but it's not working
Solved by I. A. in 26 mins
Conditional formatting based on previous cells. (to highlight improvement in spelling scores)
Solved by G. C. in 26 mins