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Hi! I want to code my excel so that it will copy the data from multiple cells to another location using conditional formatting. For example, if the word in cell D4 is not equal to the word in cell E4, I want it to copy cells B4, C4, D4, and E4 to another location on the document. Furthermore, I would like to have this run through multiple rows without leaving spaces in the "copied" area. I could code it as an if statement (which would take forever because i have a lot of data) but I don't think it would allow me to have as many in-bedded if statements as I need. Thank you for your help!
Solved by K. L. in 20 mins
I need help on conditional formatting dates. So in short, I need the cells to be red if the date is between the 1st and 14th, then green if the date is between the 15th and 30th (or 31st). The current formula I am using is the following: RED =TODAY()>DATE(2017,8,1) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,9,1) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,10,1) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,11,1) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,12,1) GREEN =TODAY()>DATE(2017,8,15) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,9,15) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,10,15) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,11,15) =TODAY()>DATE(2017,12,15) So, I went in to the "Conditional Formatting" then went to manage rules, add rule. Then I did it in order of month, red to green. For example I would copy and paste the 8/17 red code and then the 08/17 green code, in order up to December 2017. It is now the 20th and I opened the excel sheet to check if the cell would be green because the date range but it is not. I have an attachable image.
Solved by E. F. in 19 mins
I am looking to copy a cell that contains a conditional formatting formula into a column of other cells that would also contain the same formula but would need to perform the conditional formatting using results in its own row. My conditional formatting works fine but when I try to copy my cell to others in the same column, the conditional formatting stays on the origional cells. Is it possible to do what Im trying?
Solved by T. D. in 18 mins
I am truly a beginner in Excel and need all the help I can get! Okay so I have a table that is $A$2:$N$333 and I would like column A to show a data bar to reflect the data that each row has completed. Example: Row 3 has data in every column up to G now I'd like Cell A3 to show a 50% data bar in that cell to show that only 50% of the data needed for that row has been entered. Is that possible and how would I go about doing so? (this is the reply I revieved from tech support) If you add another column for the data bar, you can do it with conditional formatting. If you insert a column before column A and inserted this formula: =COUNTA(B5:O5)/14 And then use conditional formatting in the cells in column A (open) conditional formatting Use: format all cells based on their values Choose data bar from drop down check box to show data bar only (in type) choose number from drop down Enter 0 on minimum and 1 on max Use solid fill and no border and hit okay I COULDN'T COPY AND PASTE THE IMAGE SO I DESCRIBED IT AS BEST AS POSSIBLE (This is my reply ) So after I've entered the formula into each cell down column A do I high light all of column A and then select the conditional formatting with Data bar? So I did Just that I copied the formula into each cell in column a and then I highlighted the column and did the conditional formatting using Data bars and I got nothing. In the picture it says edit formatting rule. I made a new rule with all of column A highlighted was I supposed to go through the manage rules window instead of make a new and also in the picture it says minimum (Type) Number 0 and max Number 1 was I supposed to put that in as well? Thanks for all your help I'm sorry I am so new at this excel stuff AND THEN I RECEIVED THIS REPLY Yes, you need to have it look exactly like the image I posted for it to work, so you'll need the types to be numbers and values to be 0 and 1. OKAY SO THIS ONLY ANSWERED ONE OF MY QUESTIONS AND IT STILL ISN'T WORKING CAN YOU HELP ME? PLEASE THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP VINTA
Solved by E. Q. in 26 mins
I used the project plan template in excel, but when I copy and paste into another tab, the conditional formatting does not work on the new tab. How do I paste into the new tab and maintain the conditional formating?
Solved by Z. F. in 25 mins
I have to homework problem for an IT class that I'm stuck on. Directions (15 points in total) Write a formula in each of the gold colored cells to fill them with output values. In fact, you need a single formula for each column and then to copy the fomula using AutoFill. Note that there will be no credit on output that does not result from formulas. Also note that AutoFill must produce correct outputs for all the cells in the column. If AutoFill does not work or produce correct outputs, there will be no credit. 1. (5 points) Calculate the difference between two dates and display the number of years in the "Years" column for each employee. You must include the address of the current date given by the "Current Date" in L2 2. (10 points) Use a formula with the IF function to fill in the "Benefits" column for each employee. You must use the "Benefits Table" to produce appropriate benefit code based on the number of years of work. 1. (2 pts) Sort by Category in ascending order (A to Z) 2. (3 pts) Use conditional formatting to add data bar to the data in the Sold column 3. (3 pts) Show subtotals for InStock, Sold, Revenue for each category 4. (2 pts) Format the revenue as currency (e.g., 12345 to $12.345.00) I'm confused on how to do these problems
Solved by M. A. in 27 mins
Add Minimum Cost and Maximum Cost rows that are formatted similarly to row 50 (Average Cost row). Use functions to calculate the minimum and maximum costs for the systems purchased. Convert the Initial Cost data including the Average Cost, Minimum Cost, and Maximum Cost, and the Depreciated Value data from a generic number to accounting format with no decimal places. Copy the average, minimum, and maximum functions to the Depreciated Value columns. Merge and center the title “Desktop & Laptop Systems Inventory & Depreciation” above all of the columns with data. The CEO has asked you use conditional formatting to create an easy visual on the spreadsheet of any device that is near the end of its useful life. Utilize conditional formatting for all columns that contain a depreciated value of less than $500 they will appear red. Create a pie chart to show the initial cost totals by department. You may create a set of summary data to the right of the current data to use for the creation of your chart.
Solved by Z. A. in 24 mins
I have the conditional formatting set to A3=B3 then green, A3<>B3 then red. How can I copy that formula to the other cells and have the formula adjust to the new cell reference? i.e. I want A4=B4 then green, A4<>B4 then red and on down. I have tried the format painter but it keeps the original cell reference even if I remove the $ signs. Thank you.
Solved by V. U. in 18 mins
I would like to create a copy of a workbook, which is loaded with conditional formatting and formulas that are too complicated for my users to use. How Do I Create A Copy Of A Workbook Without Conditional Formatting But Still Keeping The Interface?
Solved by C. H. in 24 mins
Hi, I've got 2 columns in Excel. The first has the quantity of an item in stock, the second has the quantity needed for a job. For the second collum, I have conditional formatting so that if the number required is greater than the stock, the cell turns red. And if it is ok (so between 1 & number in stock) then it turns green. Is there a way to copy the conditional formatting to all the other items? At the moment, (using both copy/paste, and the copy formatting brush) it copies the conditional formatting, but references it to the copied item's stock, rather than applying it to the new item's stock.
Solved by X. W. in 17 mins