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I'm trying to find the "US WS" Price (United States Wholesale Price) via Vlookup, but it's just not working right. I don't know what the issue is. Please take a look at the vlookup steps and help me identify the error.
Solved by A. Q. in 27 mins
I have an IF statement that works. Its pretty complicated with VLOOKUP. But i need to make this an OR statement and i keep getting errors and can't figure out the formula.
Solved by F. S. in 17 mins
Trying to populate a column in Excel via VLOOKUP but not generating
Solved by Z. B. in 21 mins
Use a VLOOKUP function to return the proper amount in C8, making sure to specify an "Exact" match in the function.
Solved by S. L. in 28 mins
Good Night. I need help calculating down payments using VLOOKUP. I am a student at DeVry, I have tutor help, but there is none available at the moment and I have a big project to turn in this week. Help please
Solved by D. C. in 25 mins
I am trying to do an excel index match vs vlookup equation. I have a spreadsheet of logs for recording sessions. I want to consolidate the musicians so there is only one entry for each musician, but it lists all the hours they have spent in the recording studio.
Solved by F. D. in 25 mins
Hello, I have a list of value from highest to lowest with different names next to the values. When i do a vlookup of duplicate values i get the same name. Is it possible to lookup duplicate values and if a name already exists in the worksheet it goes to the next name in the report?
Solved by X. C. in 28 mins
I was initially trying to use the VLOOKUP function and I couldn't get it to work despite having the formula exaclty right. I have also looked up common problems with VLOOKUP and verified I dont have any "ghost spaces" on the ends of words, among other things. The table I'm using is copied from the internet. I thought perhaps it was a format issue so I've cleared all formats in those cells. I also have tried changing the format to "text" but currently its "general". So then out of curiosity I tried using "cntrl-f" to find words in my table and they couldn't be found.... Seems like some form of formatting issue with the text and I imagine this is why VLOOKUP cannot find the words
Solved by D. L. in 15 mins
Please review the enclosed EXCEL file: The formula I have entered{ VLOOKUP(B2,Candidates!$A$2:$B$606,2,FALSE)} on the column I of the Sheet (SUBJECT1) returns AN ERROR MESSAGE (#N/A). How do I solve the problem???
Solved by V. H. in 30 mins
Hi! I have 2 data sets. The first data set is the big one w/ thousands of entries and several columns. The second data set is the smaller one with three columns of info from the big data set. There are a hundred entries. The small data set has select account IDs that correspond to Associates. Some Associates service multiple account IDs and therefore have multiple account IDs corresponding. The big data set has thousands of entries. Though each entry has a corresponding account ID, there are several orders, so account IDs may have several entries. I'm only concerned with the account IDs and Associates of the small data set even though the big data set has all account IDs and Associates orders. I am looking for a way to filter out or generate all the entries in the big set that fit certain criteria. However, this criteria is linked, so all the entries that have A and B criteria in respective rows. I narrowed the list of orders from Associates with specific orders and have the Small set showing the account IDs, associate, order, date. I need to go to the big list of all orders and now find all entries with order equaling - product A and on date - X. So only the entries with both product A and date X. Not either or, both criteria must be present. To do so, I have used VLOOKUP to get the initial list of what all orders made from the small sets associates and found the orders and corresponding dates I'm concerned with. Then I Went to the big list and tried to use filters to find entries with product A done on on date X. What would you suggest?
Solved by V. E. in 20 mins