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I want a formula to calculate commission based on if an accumulation of months has met a threshold, I have one that is (IF(SUM(Accumulation)<Threshold,Fee 1,Fee 2))*Months collection but I need it split the month that goes over the threshold. For example in Month 3 I need X more collections to meet threshold and anything after would get fee 2. But I'm having issues figuring out how to calculate it.
Solved by O. W. in 14 mins
I need help adding a % to an existing formula please?
Solved by E. H. in 27 mins
Im trying to make a graph with 3 types of data set collected. All the data sets should range from 0 to 100 on my x axis, for set 1 and 2 i have 100 points that can use to plot, for data set 3 i only have 17 points but i want it to expand through the whole 100 how do i do this
Solved by Z. S. in 27 mins
Is there a way to simplify this formula? =COUNTIFS(_1,E2,_2,F2)+COUNTIFS(_1,E2,_3,F2)+COUNTIFS(_1,E2,_4,F2)+COUNTIFS(_1,E2,_5,F2)+COUNTIFS(_1,E2,_6,F2)+COUNTIFS(_1,E2,_7,F2)+COUNTIFS(_2,E2,_3,F2)+COUNTIFS(_2,E2,_4,F2)+COUNTIFS(_2,E2,_5,F2)+COUNTIFS(_2,E2,_6,F2)+COUNTIFS(_2,E2,_7,F2)+COUNTIFS(_3,E2,_4,F2)+COUNTIFS(_3,E2,_5,F2)+COUNTIFS(_3,E2,_6,F2)+COUNTIFS(_3,E2,_7,F2)+COUNTIFS(_4,E2,_5,F2)+COUNTIFS(_4,E2,_6,F2)+COUNTIFS(_4,E2,_7,F2)+COUNTIFS(_5,E2,_6,F2)+COUNTIFS(_5,E2,_7,F2)+COUNTIFS(_6,E2,_7,F2) The underscored numbers represent individual columns of data.
Solved by Z. E. in 27 mins
I want to calculate "Average Days to Sell" for each month on my "Overview" sheet (I10) by dividing "Days to Sell" on "Sales Log" sheet (L9) by "Items Sold" on "Overview" sheet (J10). I used this formula, but the math keeps coming out wrong: =iferror(SUMIFS('Sales Log'!L:L),$B10/J10)
Solved by I. A. in 19 mins
Hi team, as per vba code if didn't select the particular sheet in particular workbook then rename the active sheet as per our particular cell value in active workbook.
Solved by F. C. in 17 mins
I am looking for a formula that will take a 3 letter abbreviation in ex: the row C and from a table spreadsheet in the workbook auto fill row B with the manufacturers name?
Solved by M. L. in 13 mins
There are two tabs: sheet 1 and sheet 2. I want a formula that can look at sheet 2, identify the column header (Name 1, 2, 3, 4 etc..) in sheet 1, look down that list in sheet 1 and tell me if values in sheet 2 exist in that specific column For example, I am looking at header Name 4 …..therefore I want the formula to identify Name 4 in sheet 1 and tell me if there are any values in sheet 2 that are not in that specific list in sheet 1. In this example it would be ‘divulge.’
Solved by C. C. in 22 mins
i have a spread sheet, in Cell I2 there is a date 12/5/2018 and in cell K2 date 3/5/2017 , so now in cell L2 i want both dates to update to the next year, i did =I2+364 but i want to join the other cell to L2.. Help
Solved by K. L. in 27 mins
Building a multiple tab spread sheet where data compiles to one tab. Do I have to rebuild the formula for each spread sheet?
Solved by K. J. in 23 mins