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I have solved a problem here with someone but when i am implementing the formula on my excel 2016 professional i am getting error, There is a problem with the formula not trying to type the formula the formula i have written is same as provided by your support tech, and it is working fine on the above link i provided for google sheet.. so i am wondering why it is showing error on my excel installed on my laptop. The error is on this formula =INDEX(Sheet6!$D3:$D, SMALL(IF($B$3=Sheet6!E:E, ROW(Sheet6!E:E)-ROW($A$3)+1), ROW(1:1))) and i found the error is on array provided INDEX(Sheet6!$D3:$D as it is focusing on $ any solution pleaase
Solved by X. F. in 12 mins
I need to write a nested if statement. I have to identify those with a value greater than 0 in column A but have a zero value in columns C & D to return a value of "Lost" if the criteria matches and Active for those that dont match.
Solved by M. D. in 22 mins
I am trying to perform a vlookup between two different worksheets to link customer id with customer name. However, the formula only works for the first few sets and not all the way through the worksheet.
Solved by S. B. in 24 mins
Original allocation amount is $247.50/day 1. Use the information below in steps 1-6 to create an Excel formula to give the answer in step 6. Ensure the formula can be used to calculate adjustments in the original numbers in steps 1 and 2: Step 1: Calculate framework rate with previous level of intensity ($225) Step 2: Calculate framework rate with new level of intensity ($325) Step 3: Subtract (or add) RMS rate resulting from Step 2 from RMS rate resulting from Step 1 ($325-$225 = $100) Step 4: Add (or subtract) result from Step 3 to historic ($100 + $247.50 = $347.50) Step 5: Subtract (or add). 0.5 percent from result in Step 4 ($347.50 – $1.74 = $345.76) Step 6: Enter a non-framework rate in RMS for $345.76 with a type of manual banding needed and input details of calculation in notes sections
Solved by I. J. in 21 mins
I want to fusion cells but diferently: Fusion: A1, A2 and B2 It's possible?
Solved by C. Q. in 22 mins
Hiya, I have 200+ worksheets in an excel document. Each sheet has a picture associated with it (numbered 001-200) saved in the same directory. The photo number is in cell A1. I want a macro which will pull the photo (based on the photo name in cell A1 ) from the directory and paste it into cell B2. Please can you help? Thank you
Solved by T. C. in 17 mins
I would like to insert an image into column F. I would like to be able to insert an image from a hyperlink if thats possible. so if the hyperlink was directly to an image it would be displayed in the specific cell. please let me know if you have any questions as i am not sure how to do this.
Solved by C. A. in 11 mins
how can I draw a reinforcement section with ties and links into a chart in excel sheets
Solved by A. Y. in 16 mins
Hi In the attached file A column are dates and times. I want to be able to filter them to only show values from for example 14.00 hours of each day. How do I do this?
Solved by E. J. in 12 mins
I need to populate an Excel mail list file with PURLs. They are I know there is a way to make this a formula (pull "first" from the "first" column, pull "last" from the "last" column, and then have ALL of them end with ""). Can you help me?
Solved by Z. F. in 21 mins