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I want to calculate how many players are from the US. I think I'm supposed to use COUNTIF but not sure how.
Solved by B. Y. in 13 mins
I'm using COUNTIF in one sheet that's pulling data from multiple sheets and by multiple, I mean each worksheet represents a day of the month. When I try and drag down the box to apply the formula reference to the cell below it, it doesn't use the same reference. I believe I'm looking for "absolute" reference.
Solved by D. C. in 17 mins
I am trying to get a column of percentage (GRADES) using the COUNTIF function to excel count cells with value or text, then SUM only those cells. Here's the formula I have so far, but it is not working; =COUNTIFS(C8:C41,"<>"&"",F8:F41,"AVERAGE")
Solved by M. E. in 30 mins
I am trying to understand how a a particular formula works VLOOKUP(list,N:O,2,FALSE)*IF(G19>0,G19,1) I just started a new job and I am trying to understand how the formula placed in front of me interpretes. =INDEX(LIST1,MATCH(0,COUNTIF($N$14:N18,LIST1),0))
Solved by I. Y. in 12 mins
I need to link the value of a drop down option to a countif function excel between tabs. Also, I need to use a conditional formatting function to give a pass/fail grade depending on the numbers generated from the previous functions. This is all between sheets in the same workbook.
Solved by C. J. in 27 mins
Hello, We're counting parent comments from a school district survey. We're coding each comment with the school site abbreviation, ( Jones Elementary School = JES ) and then either an A (Affirmation), C(Concern), or N(Neutral). I understand how to get totals for the district by just using COUNTIF "A" etc., but what I'd like to do is get a count by school. If the comment is from JES, count/total A, C, N, or if the comment is from BES do not count) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (Attached is a sample of what I'm hoping to do.)
Solved by M. D. in 29 mins
I am trying to find out how many people are working within certain times of the day with intervals such as 4:00-6:00. I tried using COUNTIF and SUMPRODUCT but they did not work
Solved by B. J. in 11 mins
1 tab houses job titles and status; create a separate tab that based on drop list (by department) the following statuses would populate/change when selecting different departments - # open, # cleared to start, # in progress -- by department. Have tried INDEX, MATCH and COUNTIF but does not work.
Solved by S. H. in 11 mins
I'm trying to create a formula to create sum totals of expenses to different vendors for different services provided. The dollar amounts are in Column E and the Expense Type" is in Column G. At the bottom of the spreadsheet, I have the various expense type categories listed. I want the formula to add the amount in Column E for each type of expense, each time it appears in Column G and give me a running total where I have those categories listed at the bottom of the spreadsheet. It seems like it would be a combination of COUNTIF and SUM. But I don't know how to make it do that.
Solved by V. U. in 28 mins
My cell has call outcomes within it. The cell includes CALL OUTCOME, EMPLOYEE NAME, BRANCH, MANAGER, LEAD I am trying to use a COUNTIF formula to count how many surveys were booked per lead. Here is what I am using =countifs('WPC Emails'!$A:$A,$C$1,'WPC Emails'!$G:$G,"*.O: Survey Booked.*,*Lead: Commercial.*") However, this formula is only returning results that match the order in which the formula has been typed - ('Survey booked' then Commercial') I have 7 cells that contain both these trigger words but 'Commercial' is first then 'Survey Booked'. How do I work the forumla so that it doestn matter which trigger word comes before the other? I just want the formula to tell me how many cells contain 2 specific phrases. thanks
Solved by F. J. in 25 mins