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Need help putting together formula where it counts the number of sales but only if the average annual premium is above $360. So a sales = Sum(N:2:N:48)/360....but not greater than COUNTIF(N:2:N:48) ""
Solved by O. J. in 28 mins
I have three rows of data. There is one value in each row, so it looks like this: k I d k e d 0 1 0 I'd like to COUNTIF the third row only when the value is greater than zero and the two cells above the cell in the third row do not match.
Solved by M. Y. in 29 mins
3.Using the range named TechCode , creat COUNTIF formulas in these cells: I9: Count the number of cells made by technician 1. I10: Count the number of cells made by technician 2. I11: Count the number of cells made by technician 3. 4. in cell I14, crreate a COUNTIFS formula to count the number of calls made by technician 3 for which the hours logged were greater than three. Use range names ( TechCode and Hours) were possible. 5. Using the ranges named TechCode and LaborCost, create SUMIF formulas in these cells: I9: Add the labor cost for calls made by technician 1. I10: Add the labor cost for calls made by technician 2.
Solved by I. Y. in 21 mins
Enter a formula in cell J16 that uses the COUNTIF function to determine how many students have an average grade greater than 80%. Note: The formula can be typed using lowercase letters.
Solved by D. C. in 16 mins
Hi I want to do a countif between two cell references. See highlight on attached. I have the Range Bottom entered but I want to add Range Top. So in C16 i want to count if >c3 and <G3. I can do the first greater than count but can't work out how to add the less than.
Solved by T. Y. in 19 mins