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can I compare 2 separate xls columns with differing total number of rows of mailing addresses using fuzzy logic MATCH ("*") and COUNTIF to tally the number of duplicates?
Solved by A. A. in 14 mins
I am creating a new list of students per teacher for an advisory program. I have the list of students per teacher. I am trying to match teachers with students that they see in their classes. I think a CountIF will work...
Solved by E. C. in 13 mins
Why can I not get this formula to copy down the column with the cell references change to match =SUM(COUNTIF(INDIRECT({"K18","S18","AA18","AI18","AQ18","AY18"}),"X"))
Solved by X. E. in 22 mins
I have a countif formula that works just fine. Then I realized I needed a sumif formula to include the quantities. This works: =IF(COUNTIFS(SalesRaw!AA:AA,$X$1,SalesRaw!AB:AB,V4,SalesRaw!AC:AC,W4)=0,"",COUNTIFS(SalesRaw!AA:AA,$X$1,SalesRaw!AB:AB,V4,SalesRaw!AC:AC,W4)) This doesn't: =SUMIFS(SalesRaw!N3,SalesRaw!AA:AA,PriceListRaw!$X$1,SalesRaw!AB:AB,PriceListRaw!V3,SalesRaw!AC:AC,PriceListRaw!W3) can you explain why?
Solved by D. Q. in 28 mins
I need assistance completing the following: 2. Continuing with the “Database” worksheet, follow the steps below: * Use the VLOOKUP formula to populate industry descriptions into the field “INDUSTRY DESC.” Industry codes and descriptions can be found in the “Database Glossary” tab. * PASTE SPECIAL the values in the “INDUSTRY DESC.” field back over the cells (to overwrite the formulas). * Use the COUNTIF formula (to the right of the table) to count the cells in column “I” where the error “value not available” occurred. (Tip: in the “criteria” field, make it “=#N/A”)
Solved by G. H. in 15 mins
Trying to do a countif but be able to have the count change to only .5 if data is entered into adjacent cell
Solved by I. H. in 14 mins
is there a way to combine a sumif and a countif function together: =SUMIF('Store Data'!BM:BN,"*"&B21&"*",'Store Data'!BL:BL(COUNTIF('Store Data'!BQ:BQ,"Yes"))) Currently the above formula returns the answer #REF
Solved by S. H. in 16 mins
I'm trying to countif a range of cells contains the value of cell a1
Solved by K. B. in 20 mins
Hello, I'm trying to lookup data within a date range. It's kind of like a VLOOKUP and kind of like a COUNTIF but I can't get either to work in this scenario. Can anyone help? I can provide an example.
Solved by Z. Q. in 13 mins
HI I have attached a chart i want to find a way to count the total numbers in the coloured cells in column K . can i do countif using colours of cell? the cells colour might change in the right for example if one is now red and changed to yellow i would like the number to be updated in the yellow how can i do that?
Solved by E. C. in 25 mins