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I have a list of numbers on two different pages on excel. they are 6 digit numbers, but not all of them are the same on both pages, for example: 700612 is on both pages, but 700614 is only on page 2. these 6 digit numbers have their own data, and I am trying to put them together, and am looking for ms excel shortcuts
Solved by B. C. in 18 mins
i want to create a spreadsheet shortcut that automatically copys the row to another spreadsheet based on a letter input ie, b for the buildings and grounds sheet, f for the furniture and euipment sheet,
Solved by F. F. in 20 mins
I have "RANDBETWEEN" formula. I'm run this formula at one cell and then some time later again run this formula after some time again and again. so there is a way i'm just create a method or a shortcut when i need to run this formula just do with this method or shortcut key without type the whole formula again and again.
Solved by Z. Y. in 13 mins
My name is Mitul. I created Hyperlinks in few Excel 2013 Worksheets , but it is NOT executing at all. I am getting error message. I also checked shortcut key that I choose to create macros to see IF I CHOOSE "K" by mistake or not, but I did not. Can anybody PLEASE help me with technical issue of executing hyperlinks ? PLEASE BE HONEST.
Solved by C. D. in 11 mins
I want to be able to record timestamps in excel in the format h:mm:ss AM/PM. I am using the keyboard shortcut "ctrl+shift+:" because I need to be able to record it quickly. But the result is in hours and minutes with no seconds. And if I format the cell before or after to include seconds, it just shows 00 seconds. Please help me.
Solved by K. L. in 28 mins
I have to calculate in excel, its make me lengthy to calculate in calculator so what is shortcut to calculate total
Solved by X. D. in 24 mins
3. Create a macro (in this worksheet and assign to the shortcut key Ctrl+h) name it Headings. The macro formats cell A1 to Bold, 18 pt, pink font colour then inserts the heading PRICE LIST, then formats cell A2 to Bold, 14 pt then inserts the subheading Cross Stitch Kits. 4. Create a macro (in this worksheet and assign to a button on the toolbar) named Format. The macro formats the Cost figures to currency. Test the macro works by selecting the Retail figures and running the macro.
Solved by G. H. in 11 mins
I need to be able to use the Quick Analysis button in Excel, however my computer is not showing it. The shortcut does not work for the Mac that I have. How do I access this tool?
Solved by G. Q. in 30 mins
im using macros and im trying to highlight two different columns if the cells dont match for one of them. i used: rowDifference() Range("O2:O1000,I2:I1000").Select Selection.RowDifferences(ActiveCell).Select Selection.Style = "Good" and it works just fine and i want to keep this so i can use it for other spread sheets but whenever i try using it via my shortcut, it reopens the original spread sheet as to where i saved the shortcut to. what must i do so it doesnt reopen the spread sheet
Solved by X. D. in 13 mins
what are the shortcuts excel used to switch between excel workbooks?
Solved by O. W. in 25 mins