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How to Control the Layout and Formatting of Your Excel Spreadsheets
Excel spreadsheets allow you to perform a ton of calculations and keep your data organized, but it's often viewed as a boring utility tool. Yes, Excel is useful, but you can make it even more functional and easy to view by adding some formatting and style to your spreadsheets.  Proper...
How to Locate and Resolve the #NUM Error in Excel
When Excel isn't sure what to do with your data or how to process a formula, it's going to give you an error message. One of the common types of error messages that the program returns is the #NUM error.  The #NUM error generally happens when Excel has a function...
Excel AVERAGE IF Examples: How to Use AVERAGEIF Function, AVERAGEIFS Excel
The AVERAGEIF function in Excel is a statistical function that can calculate the average in a stated range of cells "if" particular criteria given are true. In other words, you only want the average of the numbers in your range if those numbers first meet your stated requirements.  AVERAGEIF allows...
How to Identify and Fix the #NULL Error in Excel
If Excel isn't sure what you want to do or can't properly complete a calculation, you're likely to get an error message. There are a variety of error messages that you might see depending on the situation, but a common one is the #NULL error.  Here are some of the...
What You Need to Know About Working with Different Versions of Excel
At the time of this writing, there have been 30 versions of Excel that stretch from 1985 to the current year, running on three different operating systems. Each version might be slightly or significantly different than the last.  If you're working with Excel, just learning it, or troubleshooting an issue,...
How to Locate and Resolve the #N/A Error in Excel
When Excel doesn't understand what you are asking it to do, it is probably going to return an error message. Depending on the type of error, your message may vary.  #N/A is a common error in Excel, and it often occurs when using the VLOOKUP function, but not always. Here...
Excel Financial Function Examples – Financial Formulas in Excel, Financial Analysis Excel
Whether you're a business owner, financial consultant, investment advisor, or student, you may have use of the many financial analysis functions and formulas available in Excel. In fact, this is one of the strengths of this software.  Excel provides its users with a variety of ways to perform financial calculations,...
Excel Data and Time Examples – Excel Format Date and Time, Current Date and Time
Excel stores dates and times as regular numbers and then formats them according to your directions. This might sound confusing, but it makes working with Dates and Times simpler, particularly when you are doing calculations.  This is an extensive list of tutorials on Excelchat related to working with, formatting, and...
What You Need to Know About Passwords and Security in Excel
There are several reasons you might want to employ some security measures with your Excel spreadsheet. Maybe you share your Excel workbook with others and want to prevent another person from changing data or formulas. You might be concerned about the unauthorized access of sensitive data, which could be changed...
How to Identify and Handle ActiveX Errors in Excel
There are a variety of things that can go wrong with an Excel spreadsheet. We've listed some of the most common errors in Excel and how to handle them. There are also some uncommon errors.  One of these involves ActiveX controls. Here is why your Excel document might use ActiveX...
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