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  1. Excel AND function
  2. AND Function of Conditional Formatting


  1. Moving Average
  2. Ignore Zeros
  3. How To
  4. Average top 3 scores
  5. Weighted average
  6. Average response time per month
  7. Average and ignore errors
  8. Average number
  9. Average last 5 values in columns
  10. Use the AVERAGEIF Function
  11. Calculate the Mean
  12. Calculate the Weighted Average
  13. Calculate the Median
  14. How to Use the AVERAGEIFS Function
  15. Finding the Moving Average
  16. Find a Median if Your Data Meets Certain Criteria
  17. Calcuate an Exponential Moving Average
  18. Calculate a Weighted Average in an Excel Pivot Table
  19. Use the AVERAGEIF Function in Google Sheets
  20. Find a Running Average
  21. Finding the Median in a Pivot Table
  22. Calculate the Geometric Mean
  23. Find the Average of Data in Excel Ignoring Zeros
  24. Average Growth Rate


  1. Google Sheets
  2. How to Use


  1. Consultant Matt Allington on the Value of Teaching Power BI
  2. How to Get Help With Your Excel Sheet: 5 Top Options
  3. Where to Get Help With Excel Macros
  4. Expert Ryan Wells Cites VBA as Powerful Tool for Workplace Automation
  5. 16 Top Free Excel Family Budget Templates
  6. 35 Free Excel CRM Templates
  7. 23 Free Project Tracker Templates for Excel
  8. Microsoft Excel Help Resources, Rated and Reviewed for 2019
  9. 22 Free Excel Dashboard Templates
  10. 17 Free Excel Inventory Templates
  11. 57 Free Excel Invoice Templates
  12. Top 10 Pivot Table Tutorials
  13. John Michaloudis Shares the Power of Extracting Insights From Business Data
  14. 31 Free Excel Calendar Templates
  15. Excel guru Ken Puls On How Excel Provides Value at Every Skill Level
  16. Mike Girvin Shares How His Teaching Makes Excel Accessible for All
  17. Top Excel Formula Tutorial Sites, Rated and Reviewed for 2019
  18. 15 Top Loan Amortization Schedule Templates for Excel
  19. Alan Murray on Why Excel Continually Is Ahead of the Game
  20. Troubleshooting Excel: The Five Minute Flowchart


  1. CELL


  1. Multiple Sheets


  1. First column number in range


  1. How to Use
  2. Row
  3. IF
  4. Greater Than
  5. Copy
  6. Color
  7. Apply Conditional Formatting to Blank Cells
  8. Based on
  9. Text
  10. Copy Text
  11. Formula
  12. How to Use
  13. SUMIFS in Google Sheets
  14. Highlight top values
  15. Lookup entire row
  16. Highlight values between
  17. Highlight multiples of specific value
  18. Highlight dates in the next N days
  19. Highlight cells that equal
  20. Highlight 3 smallest values with criteria
  21. Highlight every other row
  22. Highlight dates that are weekends
  23. Highlight rows with blank cells
  24. Highlight row and column intersection exact match
  25. Highlight cells that begin with
  26. Highlight cells that end with
  27. Conditional formatting highlight target percentage
  28. Shade alternating groups of n rows
  30. Select all precedents
  31. Select all dependents
  32. Undo last action
  33. Conditional formatting dates overlap
  34. Highlight dates between
  35. Highlight duplicate values
  36. Highlight duplicate columns
  37. Find duplicate values in two columns
  38. Conditional formatting based on another cell
  39. Highlight approximate match lookup conditional formatting
  40. Most frequently occurring text
  41. Normalize text
  42. Excel SUMPRODUCT Function
  43. Conditional Formatting Dates in Excel
  44. Apply Conditional Formatting to an Entire Row
  45. Conditional Formatting Based on the Contents of a Cell
  46. Use Conditional Formatting to Highlight a Row or Column
  47. Conditional Data Validation
  48. Remove Conditional formatting
  49. Using Conditional Formatting Across Multiple Cells in Excel
  50. Use the OR Function of Conditional Formatting
  51. Conditional Formatting Times in Excel
  52. Conditional Formatting with 2 Conditions
  53. Conditional Formatting in Excel Based on Another Cell's Value
  54. Apply Conditional Formatting Between Sheets in Excel
  55. Working with a Pivot Table that Has Conditional Formatting
  56. Use Conditional Formatting If Two Cells Are Not Equal


  1. Function
  2. How to Count Non Blank or Non Empty Cells in Excel
  3. Blank/Empty
  4. Colored/Highlighted
  5. Google Sheets
  6. Duplicates
  7. Unique/Distinct Values
  8. count words in Excel
  9. Characters
  10. Text
  11. Summary count of non-blank categories
  12. Count Cells that are Blank
  13. Count cells not equal to a specified value
  14. Count cells that contain either a or b
  15. Count cells that contain specific text
  16. Count cells that do not contain
  17. Count cells that begin with
  18. Basic timesheet formula with breaks
  19. Count dates by day of week
  20. Count cells between dates
  21. Count cells greater than
  22. Count cells that are not blank
  23. Count cells that contain text
  24. Summary count with COUNTIF
  25. Count matches between two columns
  26. Count cells that contain errors
  27. Count cells not equal to many things
  28. Count sold and remaining
  29. Count cells over 100 characters
  30. Count cells that end with
  31. Count unique values in a range with COUNTIF
  32. Count rows that contain specific values
  33. Count items in list
  34. Count occurrences in entire workbook
  35. Count numbers by range with COUNTIFS
  36. Count cells between two numbers
  37. Count cells that contain odd numbers
  38. Count long numbers without COUNTIF
  39. Count cells that contain numbers
  40. Summary count with percentage breakdown
  41. Count if row meets multiple internal criteria
  42. Count cells that contain five characters
  43. Count visible rows only with criteria
  44. Count unique numeric values with criteria
  45. Count unique text values in a range
  46. Count cells that contain negative numbers
  47. Count cells that do not contain errors
  48. Running count of occurrence in list
  49. Two-way summary count with COUNTIFS
  50. Count cells equal to
  51. Count numbers third digit equals 3


  1. Not Blank
  2. Count vs Counta
  3. How to
  4. Google Sheets


  1. Between Two Values
  2. Multiple Criteria
  3. Non-Blank
  4. COUNTIF in Google Sheets
  5. Countif Function / How to Use testing
  6. COUNTIF Function of Excel's Conditional Formatting
  7. Greater Than
  8. Formula


  1. How to Use COUNTIFS with Multiple Criteria and OR Logic


  1. Excel CUMIPMT Function


  1. Multiple Sheets


  1. How to allow numbers only
  2. How to allow uppercase text only
  3. How to allow weekday dates only
  4. Check for specific text
  5. How to allow text only
  6. How to allow dates from a certain year only
  7. How to only allow dates in the next 30 days
  8. How to only allow values that don't exceed a set sum
  9. Data validation must begin with
  10. Data validation unique values only
  11. Data validation must contain specific text
  12. Data validation date in next 30 days
  13. Data validation date in specific year
  14. Data validation exists in list
  15. Data validation allow numbers only
  16. Data validation must not contain
  17. Data validation allow weekday only
  18. Data validation allow text only


  2. Excel DSTDEVP Function
  3. DVAR
  4. DGET
  5. DSUM
  8. DMIN
  9. DMAX
  10. DVARP


  1. Add Time in Excel
  2. Calculate Elapsed Time in Excel
  3. Determine Time Intervals in Excel
  4. Make a Time Difference Calculation in Excel  
  5. Highlight Rows with Dates Between in Excel
  6. Current Time in Excel
  7. Add Days in Excel
  8. Convert a Date to Unix Format in Excel
  9. Calculate Overtime in Excel
  10. Creating a Timesheet in Excel
  11. Calculate Between Two Times in Excel
  12. Add Days in Excel
  13. Convert Minutes to Hours


  1. Get days between dates
  2. How to only allow values that don't exceed a set sum
  3. Dynamic date list
  4. Pad week numbers with zeros
  5. Sum race time splits
  6. DATE
  7. Next working day
  8. Next business day 6 months in future
  9. Get first Monday before any date
  10. Get first day of previous month
  11. Display the current date and time
  12. Year is a leap year
  13. Next anniversary date
  14. Next biweekly payday from date
  15. Convert date to text
  16. List holidays between two dates
  17. Working days left in month
  18. Get year from date
  19. Get workdays between dates
  20. If Monday, roll back to Friday
  21. Last updated date stamp
  22. Join date and text
  23. Get months between dates
  24. Get week number from date
  26. Get work hours between dates
  27. DAYS360
  28. Get month name from date
  29. Get same date next year
  30. Get same date next month
  31. Dynamic calendar grid
  32. Calculate expiration date
  33. Get first day of month
  34. Get days before a date
  35. Get days between dates ignoring years
  36. Get age from birthday
  37. Get nth day of week in month
  38. EDATE
  39. Get most recent day of week
  40. Display the current date
  41. Extract date from a date and time
  42. Sum time over 30 minutes
  43. Workdays per month
  45. Add decimal hours to time
  46. Add days to date
  47. Get last day of month
  49. Get fiscal year from date
  50. Get days, months, and years between dates
  51. Count times in a specific range
  52. Convert Excel time to decimal minutes
  53. Convert Excel time to decimal hours
  54. Get day name from date
  55. MINUTE
  56. SECOND
  57. Get date from day number
  58. Extract time from a date and time
  59. Assign points based on late time
  60. Add workdays to date custom weekends
  61. NOW
  63. Convert text to date
  64. Get next day of week
  65. Add months to date
  66. Calculate number of hours between two times
  67. Get next day of week
  69. Get month from date
  70. Get day from date
  71. DAY
  72. Convert decimal seconds to Excel time
  73. Excel WEEKDAY Function
  74. TIME
  75. Custom weekday abbreviation
  76. YEAR
  77. Convert date to month and year
  78. Excel YEARFRAC Function
  79. Date is workday
  80. Basic overtime calculation formula
  81. Date is same month and year
  82. Days in month
  83. Create date range from two dates
  84. Count holidays between two dates
  85. Convert date to Julian format
  87. Calculate years between dates
  88. Calculate days remaining
  89. Get last weekday in month
  90. Calculate date overlap in days
  91. Add workdays no weekends
  93. How to calculate a retirement date
  94. Count day of week between dates
  95. Count dates in current month
  97. Get quarter from date
  98. Get percent of year complete
  99. Get project end date
  100. Get project midpoint
  101. Get project start date
  102. Date is same month


  1. Series of dates by workdays
  2. Series of dates by day
  3. Series of dates by year


  1. HEX2DEC
  2. DEC2HEX
  3. How to Use the Convert Function in Excel
  4. BIN2HEX
  5. BITOR
  6. BITAND function
  8. BIN2DEC


  1. EXACT


  1. Calculate interest for given period
  2. Calculate simple interest
  3. PPMT
  4. Calculate payment for a loan
  5. Calculate interest rate for loan
  7. Calculate original loan amount
  8. Calculate COMPOUND Interest
  9. Annual compound interest schedule
  10. Excel IRR Function
  11. FV
  12. Calculate cumulative loan interest
  13. Calculate principal for given period
  14. NPV
  15. PV
  16. XIRR
  17. Calculate cumulative loan principal payments
  18. NPER
  19. RATE


  1. How to
  2. Excel FIND Function


  1. Redo last action


  1. Delete rows


  1. Map text to numbers
  2. Group times into 3 hour buckets
  3. Group arbitrary text values
  4. Group numbers at uneven intervals
  5. Group numbers with VLOOKUP


  1. HEX2BIN


  1. write an IF statement
  2. IF AND
  3. Nested IF statements
  4. Blank / Not Blank
  5. IF OR
  6. IFERROR Function in Excel
  7. If this AND that OR that
  8. Tax rate calculation with fixed base
  9. Force negative numbers to zero
  10. If cell contains this or that
  11. Nested IF function example
  12. If Else
  13. If this AND that OR that
  14. If cell is greater than
  15. If cell is x or y and z
  16. If cell is this OR that
  17. If this AND that
  18. If cell equals
  19. If a cell is not blank
  20. If cell contains


  1. How to Use Excel INDEX function


  1. Formula


  2. TYPE
  3. N
  6. NA
  10. SHEETS
  11. ISEVEN
  12. ISNA
  13. ISODD
  15. INFO
  16. INFO


  1. Remove trailing slash from url
  2. Create email address from name
  3. Get top level domain (TLD)
  4. Strip protocol and trailing slash from URL
  5. Get page from URL
  6. Get domain name from URL


  1. IRR Function
  2. Find the Rate of Return
  3. XIRR Function
  4. Calculate the Internal Rate of Return
  5. Calculate the Monthly IRR
  6. Display a Negative IRR
  7. Calculate NPV and IRR
  8. Find the Modified Internal Rate of Return
  9. Find the Equity IRR for a Project
  10. Calculate the IRR in Excel When Cashflow Timing is Uneven
  11. Calculate an IRR with a Terminal Value
  12. Difference Between the IRR and XIRR Functions
  13. Solve Issues with a Multiple IRR
  14. Calculate the Quartlery IRR
  15. Calculate Your Money Weighted Rate of Return


  1. Count total characters in a cell


  1. LOG10


  1. Excel TRUE function
  2. IFNA
  3. Extract data with helper column
  5. IFS
  6. OR
  7. FALSE
  8. XOR
  9. Excel IF Function


  1. How to Find the First Match in a Range with a Wildcard
  2. Lookup and retrieve an entire column
  3. Get location of value in 2D array
  4. Max if criteria match
  5. Partial match against numbers with wildcard
  6. Self-contained VLOOKUP
  7. VLOOKUP from another workbook
  8. Sum range with INDEX
  9. Exact match lookup with SUMPRODUCT
  10. Get first text value with HLOOKUP
  11. Get address of lookup result
  12. Two-Way Lookup with VLOOKUP
  13. VLOOKUP without #N/A error
  14. Calculate grades with VLOOKUP
  15. Position of first partial match
  16. Calculate grades with VLOOKUP
  17. Extract all partial matches
  18. Two-way lookup with INDEX and MATCH
  19. VLOOKUP with 2 lookup tables
  20. Lookup lowest value
  21. Basic INDEX MATCH Approximate
  22. Basic INDEX MATCH exact
  23. Match next highest value
  24. Find missing values
  25. Break ties with helper column and COUNTIF
  26. Next largest match with the MATCH function
  27. Match First Error
  28. Find the position of the max value in a list
  29. Join tables with INDEX and MATCH
  30. Lookup last file version
  31. Partial match with VLOOKUP
  32. Get information corresponding to max value
  33. Get nth match
  34. Basic Tax Rate calculation with VLOOKUP
  35. Count missing values
  36. Approximate match with multiple criteria
  37. Find longest string in column
  38. INDEX and MATCH with multiple criteria
  39. Extract Unique Items from a List
  40. Dynamic Lookup Table with INDIRECT Function
  41. Get the First Non-blank Value and Text Value in a List
  42. Excel Dynamic Lookup Table with INDIRECT Function
  43. Lookup Items in Excel Using INDEX and MATCH
  44. How to Use Excel's MATCH Function
  45. Pro Tips on Using the LOOKUP Function
  46. Create and Use a LOOKUP Table
  47. How to Use the HLOOKUP Function in Excel
  48. Use INDEX and MATCH with Multiple Criteria
  49. How to Use Fuzzy Lookup in Excel
  50. Use INDEX and MATCH Together in Google Sheets
  51. Use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Together
  52. Use INDEX and MATCH on Multiple Columns
  53. Use HLOOKUP in Google Sheets
  54. Use the table_array Argument in an Excel Lookup Function
  55. What Are the Different Ways to Do Lookups in Excel?
  56. Limit Your Search to a Column
  57. Perform Approximate Match in Excel
  58. Solutions When Your Excel Lookup Returns 0
  59. Lookup Values Across Multiple Sheets
  60. Perform a Multi-Column Lookup
  61. Overview of Excel's Horizontal Lookup Function
  62. Return Multiple Match Results
  63. Combine an IF Statement and a Lookup Function
  64. Use the IFERROR, INDEX, and MATCH Functions Together
  65. Performing an INDEX and MATCH with Two Criteria
  66. Lookup a Value Between Two Numbers
  67. Perform a Two Dimensional Lookup
  68. Perform a Two Dimensional Lookup

Lookup and reference

  4. ROW
  6. How to use the Excel CHOOSE function
  8. INDEX
  10. MATCH
  12. COLUMN
  13. ROWS
  14. Excel HYPERLINK Function


  1. one value exists
  2. List
  3. How to Use
  4. Last Row in Text Data


  1. SUM
  3. TAN
  4. GCD
  5. ABS
  6. Excel LOG Function
  8. EVEN
  9. SIGN
  10. RAND
  11. Excel COS Function
  12. EXP
  13. SIN
  15. LN
  16. SUMIF
  18. ROMAN
  19. ROMAN
  20. ARABIC
  22. MOD
  23. POWER
  24. FLOOR
  25. MROUND
  26. ODD


  1. Find the Median
  2. Use MEDIAN and IF to Find the Median When There are Conditions
  3. Calculate the Median from a Frequency Table
  4. Calculate the Median in Excel Using the SUBTOTAL Function


  1. MIN


  1. Smaller of two values
  2. Large with criteria
  3. Larger of two values
  4. Maximum value
  5. nth smallest value with criteria
  6. Max value ignore all errors
  7. Minimum value if
  8. Minimum if multiple criteria
  9. Maximum if multiple criteria
  10. nth smallest value
  11. nth largest value with criteria
  12. Minimum value
  13. nth largest value
  14. nth largest value with duplicates


  1. Value is within tolerance
  2. Validate input with check mark
  3. Value is between two numbers
  4. Course completion summary with criteria
  5. Course completion status summary
  6. Transpose table without zeros
  7. Sum text values like numbers
  8. Copy value from every nth row
  9. Sum every 3 cells
  10. Square root of number
  11. Split payment across months
  12. Sort text and numbers with formula
  13. Sort numbers ascending or descending
  14. Pad a number with zeros
  15. nth root of number
  16. Convert column number to letter
  17. Reverse a list or range
  18. Random sort formula
  19. Sum/Return an Array with the Index Function
  20. Range Contains One of Many Substrings
  21. Range contains one of many values
  22. Basic text sort formula
  23. Student class enrollment with table
  24. Search entire worksheet for value
  25. Risk Matrix Example
  26. Range contains specific text
  27. Excel formula: One or the other not both
  28. How to Search Multiple Worksheets for Value
  29. Simple currency conversion
  30. Check register balance
  31. Build hyperlink with VLOOKUP
  32. Fixed value every N months
  33. Calculate a ratio from two numbers
  34. List most frequently occuring numbers
  35. Multiplication table formula
  36. Normalize size units to Gigabytes
  37. Abbreviate state names
  38. List Contains Duplicates
  39. Basic numeric sort formula
  40. Get value of last non-empty cell
  41. Hyperlink to first match
  42. Flip table rows to columns
  43. Conditional mode with criteria
  44. Get first entry by month and year
  45. Get pivot table subtotal grouped date
  46. Cube root of number
  47. Get Date Associated with Last Entry
  48. Get last entry by month and year
  49. Display sorted values with helper column
  50. Filter values in array formula
  51. Change Negative Numbers to Positive
  52. Create array of numbers
  53. Most frequently occurring number
  54. Flag first duplicate in a list
  55. Get last entry by month and year
  56. Issue response time calculation


  1. How to Use
  2. Get number at place value


  1. Leave a comment in a formula


  1. Join first and last name
  2. Get last name from name
  3. Get first name from name
  4. Put names into proper case
  5. Get first name from name with comma
  6. Get middle name from full name


  1. NPV Function
  2. Determine the NPV of Cash Flows
  3. Difference Between Annual vs. Monthly NPV
  4. Find the NPV of a Perpetuity
  5. Calculate NPV with Quarterly Cash Flows
  6. Perform NPV Break Even Analysis
  7. Calculating NPV in Excel with Negative Cash Flows
  8. XNPV Function
  9. How Does the Net Present Value of Future Cash Flows Work in Excel?




  1. Project complete percentage
  2. Get original price from percentage discount
  3. Percent of goal in Excel
  4. Get profit margin percentage
  5. Percent sold
  6. Get total from percentage
  7. Decrease by percentage
  8. Get amount with percentage
  9. Calculate percent variance


  1. Calculated Fields
  2. Sort
  3. Conditional Formatting
  4. Percentage
  5. Distinct
  6. Google Sheets
  7. Refresh/Update
  8. How to Create/Make
  9. Calculated Field
  10. Source Reference not Valid Error in a Pivot Table
  11. Pivot Table Should Have a Dynamic Range
  12. Format the Values of Numbers in a Pivot Table
  13. Sort Data in a Pivot Table
  14. Use a Pivot Table to Find Unique Values in Excel
  15. Delete a Pivot Table
  16. Show Percentages in a Pivot Table
  17. Refresh a Pivot Table in Excel
  18. Calculate Pivot Table Data
  19. Using a Pivot Table to Analyze Worksheet Data
  20. Add Fields to Your Pivot Table
  21. Pivot Table Tutorial
  22. Create a Pivot Chart
  23. Advanced Excel Pivot Table
  24. Find the Grand Total in Your Pivot Table
  25. Deal with Blank Cells in a Pivot Table
  26. Deal with Dates in a Pivot Table
  27. Combining Pivot Tables with Macros
  28. Using a Range with a Pivot Table
  29. Insert a Pivot Table
  30. Demystify Pivot Tables
  31. Count Values in a Pivot Table
  32. Create a Chart from a Pivot Table
  33. Sort Pivot Table Data
  34. Use the Pivot Table Wizard
  35. Group Pivot Table Data
  36. Copy a Pivot Table
  37. Add Data to a Pivot Table
  38. Filter Large Amounts of Data
  39. Add Formatting to Your Pivot Table
  40. How You Can Edit a Pivot Table
  41. Create a Dynamic Pivot Table
  42. Calculate a Subtotal in an Excel Pivot Table
  43. Pivot Table Basics
  44. Create a Pivot Table with VBA
  45. Create a Pivot Table from Multiple Worksheets
  46. Group Pivot Table Data by Month
  47. Update a Pivot Table
  48. Create a Pie Chart from a Pivot Table
  49. Group Pivot Table Data by Year
  50. Create a Pivot Table from Multiple Workbooks
  51. Guide on Working with a Pivot Table Drop Down List
  52. Transpose Data




  1. Random times at specific intervals
  2. Random value from list or table
  3. Random number weighted probability
  4. Random text values
  5. Random number from fixed set of options
  6. Random number between two numbers
  7. Random date between two dates
  8. Randomly assign people to groups
  9. Using the Excel Random Number Function
  10. Create a Randomized List
  11. How to Randomize Data
  12. Set Up a Random Team Generator
  13. Use the Excel RANDBETWEEN Function
  14. Generate Random Names
  15. Find a Random Number from a List
  16. Generate Unique Random Numbers
  17. Create and Use a Random List Generator
  18. Set Up an Electronic Raffle
  19. Extract Random Data in an Excel Spreadsheet
  20. Shuffle a List
  21. Create a Weighted Random Number Generator
  22. Randomly Generate Words
  23. Create a Random Schedule
  24. Make a Random Pairing Generator
  25. Create a Random Playing Card Generato
  26. Generate a Random Number in a Table
  27. Create a Random Time Generator
  28. Use the RANDBETWEEN Function with No Duplicates
  29. Create a Stratified Random Sample


  1. All values in a range are at least
  2. All values in a range are at least
  3. Get relative column numbers in range
  4. Total cells in a range
  5. Range contains a value not in another range
  6. Last row in mixed data with blanks
  7. Range contains numbers
  8. First Match Between Two Ranges
  9. Last row in mixed data with no blanks
  10. Last row number in range


  1. How to use rank function
  2. How to RANK from lowest to highest
  3. How to RANK using COUNTIFS
  4. How to use RANK with suffix
  5. Rank with Criteria
  6. Rank function example
  7. Rank with Ordinal Suffix


  1. Round to nearest 1000
  2. Round a number up
  3. Excel ROUNDUP function
  4. Round a number
  5. Round a Number Down To Nearest Multiple
  6. Round a price to end in .99
  7. Round a Number to Nearest Multiple
  8. ROUND
  9. Round a number down
  10. Get Excel to Stop Rounding Your Numbers
  11. Round Decimal Values in Excel
  12. Round Multiple Cells at Once in Excel
  13. Round to the Nearest 10 in Excel



  1. Display 'Go To' dialog box


  1. SIN Function
  2. COS Function
  3. Find the Sine of an Angle
  4. Create a Sine Graph
  5. Does the Excel SIN Function Return Radians or Degrees?
  6. Write and Use Sin Squared in Excel
  7. Put Excel in Degrees Mode
  8. Plot a Sine Wave
  9. Create a Cosine Graph


  1. SQRT


  3. VARPA
  4. VARA
  5. VARP
  6. VAR.S
  7. VAR.P
  8. VAR
  11. STDEVP
  12. STDEVA
  13. STDEV.S
  14. STDEV
  15. STDEV.P
  17. LARGE
  21. AVEDEV
  23. COUNTA
  24. COUNT
  25. DEVSQ
  26. MINA
  31. MEDIAN
  34. Excel MODE Function
  35. PERMUT
  37. MAX


  1. How to
  2. Autosum in Excel
  3. 3D Sum Multiple Worksheets
  4. Sum last n columns
  5. Sum if Multiple Criteria
  6. Sum sales in last 30 days by ID
  7. Sum by Week Number
  8. Sum if equal to one of many things
  9. Sum Bottom N Values with Criteria
  10. Sum if cells contain specific text
  11. Sum if cell contains text in another cell
  12. Sum if cells are equal to
  13. Sum entire column
  14. Sum if by year
  15. Sum if not blank
  16. Sum if greater than
  17. Subtotal by color
  18. Sum every nth column
  19. Sum by group
  20. Sum If Ends With
  21. Sum columns based on adjacent criteria
  22. Sum if begins with
  23. Sum if cells contain both x and y
  24. Sum if one criteria multiple columns
  25. Sum visible rows in a filtered list
  26. Sum if equal to either x or y
  27. Sum by weekday
  28. Sum by week
  29. Sum Top n Values with Criteria
  30. Sum if cells contain an asterisk
  31. Subtotal invoices by age
  32. Sum every n rows


  1. Google Sheets
  2. Multiple Criteria
  3. Blank / Not Blank
  4. How to Use SUMIF to Sum Values Between Two Dates
  5. Sum if between
  6. Use SUMIF Combined with Multiple Criteria
  7. Combine SUMIF with GREATER THAN and LESS THAN Functions
  8. Using SUMIF with the Time Format
  9. Add Values within a Date Range using SUMIFS
  10. Using the SUMIF Function for Adding Between Two Values
  11. Comparing SUMIF vs COUNTIF vs AVERAGEIFS to Deal with Multiple Criteria
  12. Use the SUMIF and OR Functions Together
  13. Use the SUMIF Function Across Multiple Sheets
  14. Apply the SUMIF Function to Negative Criteria
  15. Sum Time in Excel
  16. Use SUMIF to Sum Cells Based on Background Color
  17. Using SUMIF to Add Cells If They Contain Certain Text
  18. Difference Between SUMIF vs. SUMIFS vs. SUMFPRODUCT
  19. Comparing the Lookup Functions of SUMIF vs INDEX vs MATCH in Excel
  20. Working with the SUMIF Function and Two Conditions
  21. Add Cells if They Contain Certain Text


  1. All cells in range are blank




  1. Count table columns
  2. Basic inventory formula example
  3. Dynamic Reference of Table name
  4. Two-way lookup VLOOKUP in a Table
  5. Get column index in Excel Table


  1. Join text together
  3. UPPER
  4. VALUE
  5. Replace one character with another
  6. CHAR
  7. Remove unwanted characters
  8. Remove characters from right
  9. Remove text by variable position
  10. Remove leading and trailing spaces from text
  11. Remove text by position
  12. Remove text by matching
  13. Remove line breaks
  14. Remove file extension from filename
  15. Split text string at specific character
  16. Split text and numbers in Excel
  17. Cell equals one of many things
  19. LEFT
  20. Strip non-numeric characters
  21. Split dimensions into two parts
  22. Count keywords cell contains
  23. RIGHT
  24. CODE
  25. Count total words in a cell
  26. Cell contains number
  27. MID
  28. TRIM
  29. Add a line break with a formula
  30. Cell Contains All of Many Things
  31. Clean and reformat telephone numbers
  32. Excel PROPER Function
  33. Double quotes inside a formula
  34. Excel REPT Function
  35. Count specific words in a range
  36. Count specific words in a cell
  37. Remove characters from left side of a cell
  38. LOWER
  39. Count specific characters in a range
  40. Count total characters in a range
  41. Cell contains some words but not others
  42. DOLLAR
  43. Count line breaks in cell
  44. Count total words in a range


  1. Get integer part of a number


  1. Calculation
  2. Formula
  3. Compare
  4. Conditional Formatting
  5. Error
  6. Multiple Columns
  7. Multiple Sheets
  8. Check if one column value exists
  9. How to
  10. Google Sheets VLOOKUP function
  11. Not Working
  13. IF
  14. Multiple Workbooks
  15. Fuzzy Lookup
  16. VLOOKUP with two client rates
  17. Lookup value between two numbers
  18. Get nth match with VLOOKUP
  19. VLOOKUP from another sheet
  20. VLOOKUP by date
  21. Calculate shipping cost with VLOOKUP
  22. Lookup up cost for product or service
  23. VLOOKUP with numbers and text
  24. Apply a VLOOKUP Between Worksheets
  25. VLOOKUP with Multiple Workbooks
  26. VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria
  27. Lookup with Variable Sheet Name
  28. Pull Values from Another Worksheet in Excel
  29. Using VLOOKUP with Multiple Lookup Tables: Best Practices
  30. The Essential VLOOKUP Troubleshooting Guide
  31. Nested VLOOKUP Formula Examples
  32. Make VLOOKUP Reference Left Column in Excel
  33. Copy a VLOOKUP Formula Down a Column
  34. #REF Error with VLOOKUP
  36. VLOOKUP with Two Criteria
  37. Get a Date to Automatically Update
  38. Lock a VLOOKUP from a Table Array
  39. #N/A Error with VLOOKUP
  40. VLOOKUP vs. Index Match
  41. VLOOKUP with the IF Condition
  42. Backwards VLOOKUP
  44. Combine the SUMIF and VLOOKUP Functions in Excel
  45. Pull Data from Another Sheet in Google Sheets
  46. VLOOKUP from Another Sheet: Formula Examples
  47. Use VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria
  48. VLOOKUP with Table Array
  49. How to Solve 5 Common VLOOKUP Problems
  50. VLOOKUP Formula Examples


  1. List sheet index numbers
  2. Get sheet name only
  3. Dynamic workbook reference
  4. Worksheet name exists
  5. Dynamic worksheet reference
  6. Get workbook name only
  7. Get workbook name and path without sheet
  8. Indirect named range different sheet