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Excel AVERAGE IF Examples: How to Use AVERAGEIF Function, AVERAGEIFS Excel
The AVERAGEIF function in Excel is a statistical function that can calculate the average in a stated range of cells "if" particular criteria given are true. In other words, you only want the average of the numbers in your range if those numbers first meet your stated requirements.  AVERAGEIF allows...
In statistical term average means arithmetic mean or mean of numbers provided. It is calculated by summing up a set of numbers and then divided by count of those numbers. In simple words, average means to find out the most common value in a set of numbers. Excel provides the...
How to Use AVERAGEIF in Google Sheets
The Google Sheets AVERAGEIF function returns the average of numbers that meet given criteria in a range. It is basically a combination of AVERAGE and IF functions and acts like an array formula to get the average of resulting array of numbers where a logical condition or criteria is TRUE....