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My VLOOKUP formula won't work when value the "lookup cell" is derived from a formula. If I manually transfer the formula derived value to a different cell, then VLOOKUP formula works fine. What's going on?
Solved by Z. J. in 40 mins
i need vlookup formula how can i use in diff sheets
Solved by B. B. in 60 mins
I need a formula (I think VLOOKUP) that will enable me to: Use data from one column, compare with another and tell me the difference. Im a teacher and want to work out the amount of marks needed to the next grade boundary. I've created the rest, but this has me stumped!
Solved by F. A. in 28 mins
Please insert a formula into column D that brings the code from Column H into Column D, using VIN in column I as the look up factor. I think this is a vlookup function but I am struggling
Solved by C. A. in 40 mins
I need help with vlookup. I need to move data from 'wk1' E to 'Destination sheet'AT if helper columns G match. Also I do not want to erase any data that is currently in the cell.
Solved by G. Q. in 40 mins
VLOOKUP help. Trying to input data from database into new table
Solved by S. Q. in 40 mins
Need some help regarding array, vlookup and if statement
Solved by Z. Y. in 20 mins
I have two lists. One is a list of part numbers. The other is a list of long text descriptions. I can use VLOOKUP with "*"&cell address"*" to find the first match. But how can I find the second and third matches? I have tried using INDEX and SHORT but the wild cards no longer find the match like they do in VLOOKUP. Can you help?
Solved by S. J. in 36 mins
My vlookup is not pulling in all data, i need help as to why it's displaying errors
Solved by B. D. in 19 mins
Please help me to use vlookup when serial # isn't on far left
Solved by V. C. in 12 mins
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