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The Basics of Freezing Rows and Columns in Excel
When you're working with a large amount of data in Excel, limiting what you see on your spreadsheet might be desirable or necessary. You can accomplish this by freezing rows and columns.  This piece explains the different ways to freeze rows, columns, and panes in Excel as well as how...
Excel COUNT Examples – How to Use COUNT, COUNT Greater Than, COUNT if Not Blank
The COUNT function in Excel adds up the number of cells that contain your specified numbers, text, dates, or that meet other criteria. Not only are there many ways to use the COUNT function, but there are also other ways to "count" items in Excel.  This is a list of...
Excel Math Examples – Excel math formulas, Excel SIN Function, Excel math functions
Excel can provide a wide range of basic and advanced math functions. From addition, subtraction, and multiplication to complex trigonometry calculations, there are many possibilities.  Whether you are new to using Excel for math or need to troubleshoot a particular issue, Excelchat has several free tutorials that can walk you...
Excel Percentage Examples – Excel percentage formula, Excel percentage change
Excel provides several ways to calculate a percentage. These can be frustrating to work with because not everyone remembers the formula to produce a percentage or find the percentage change between two numbers.  Whether you are trying to learn the Excel percentage formula, find the percentage of a total, calculate...
Danielle Stein Fairhurst Uses Excel for Transformative Financial Modeling
Danielle Stein Fairhurst has built a niche business using Excel for financial modeling. She’s the author of three books on the subject, one now in its third edition and one part of the popular For Dummies series. Her website, Plum Solutions, provides online training, workshops, in-house training and even meetups...
Excel Expert Marcus Small on the Importance of Visual Storytelling
Marcus Small discovered how much joy and knowledge he gained by helping others with Excel. After years of helping automate and improve business tasks using Excel, he created his own website,, which provides a host of Excel tips, courses and solutions. He spoke with us recently about providing Excel...
Learn How to Work With Images in Excel
When you think of Excel, you might only picture a spreadsheet full of data. But, the program has the ability to represent information in a variety of ways. One thing you can do is add images to Excel to make the data more meaningful.  This guide explains the various ways...
The ##### Excel Error – How to Locate and Fix the ##### Error in Excel
It can be disturbing when you are working in Excel and come across an error that you either don't know how to define or resolve. There are several common types of errors, and one of them is a row of number, pound or hashtags that looks like this: #####. We'll...
Excel Pivot Table Examples – Pivot Table Tutorial, Create Pivot Table, Pivot Table Columns
Pivot tables are powerful tools in Excel that allow you to quickly summarize a set of data into a more meaningful table or report. In short, this is a summary of your larger set of data, and a pivot table does nothing to change the underlying figures.  Whether you want...
Excel COUNTIF Function Examples – COUNTIF Greater Than, COUNTIF Multiple Criteria
Excel's COUNTIF function is used to count cells in a selected range that meet a single criterion. It can be used to count cells with numbers, texts, and dates that match your specifications. The function supports a variety of operators as well as partial matches and wildcards.  Whether you want...
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