Excel SUM Function


SUM function is one of the most commonly used function in excel due to its simplicity. It helps us calculate the total value of all the selected arguments. The maximum arguments can be used in one single SUM function is 255 which included constants, numbers, cell references, arrays and ranges.


=SUM(number1,number2,number3, …)


Number 1 – The first value to sum

Number 2 – The second value to sum (optional)

Number 3 – The third value to sum (optional)

And so on.


The sole purpose of this function is to add numbers together.


The function will return the sum of values supplied.

Figure 1. Example of sum syntax


According to the photo above, one can simply calculate the total numbers of any combination of stationeries or the total cost of them as well by using the SUM function.


Let’s calculate the total cost of pens, pencils, erasers, and highlighters.

The numbers of pens and highlighters are in cell E5, E6, E7, and E8. Put the cell references in the syntax like below:


And it will return a sum of values in cell E5, E6, E7, and E8.

Another way of using to shorten the length of the function is


This way of expressing a sum function will include every value in the range between E5 and E8.

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