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Pro Tips on How to Find the Median in Excel

We can now find the median or middle number of a group of supplied numbers in an easy and straightforward way in excel. To learn how to do this, read this post to the end.

Figure 1: How to find median in excel

General syntax of the formula

=MEDIAN (number1, [number2],…)


  • Number1- this is the number of cell reference referring to the numeric values
  • Number2- this is the number or cell reference that refers to the optional numeric values

How the formula works

  • The formula will return the middle value as the median if the total number supplied is odd.
  • The formula will find the average of the two middle numbers of the total numbers supplied is even.
  • Those cells with text, logic values or no values will be ignored by the formula
  • The formula accept numbers in various forms including numbers, ranges, named ranges as well as cell references.
  • The formula can accept up to 255 numbers at any given one time.


Figure 2: Example of how to find median in excel

In this example, we want to find the median of the values in each of the rows.

Step 1: Fill your data in the sheet from cell B4 to cell G7 as shown above. The “Result” column shall have the median values of the rows.

Step 2: In cell G5, enter the formula =MEDIAN(B5:F5)

Step 3: Press Enter to get the median

Step 4: Copy down the formula across the other cells to get the median for the other rows.

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