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Find duplicate values in two columns

Working with big amount of data often requires us to identify duplicate values.Microsoft Excel has made finding duplicates very easy. We can combine the COUNTIF and AND functions to find duplicates between columns. In this tutorial, we will learn how to find duplicate values in two columns in Excel.

Figure 1. Example of How to Find Duplicate Values in Two Columns

Generic Formula

=AND(COUNTIF(range1, value1),COUNTIF(range2, value1))

How this formula works

This formula is based on the COUNTIF function. It returns a count of all the values in both range1 and range2. The values returned by COUNTIF will either be zero (0) or a positive number in both ranges. Excel will represent the zeros as FALSE and the positive numbers as TRUE.

The two COUNTIF functions are nested inside an AND function. This will return TRUE if both counts are positive. Otherwise, it will return FALSE. The TRUE instances will represent the duplicate values in the two columns.

Setting Up Data

The following example contains some sample fruit names. Column A and B has these names.

Figure 2. The Example Data Set

To find out whether the names in column B are duplicates, we need to:

  • Go to cell C2.
  • Assign the formula =AND(COUNTIF($A$2:$A$6, A2),COUNTIF($B$2:$B$6, A2)) in C2.
  • Press Enter.

Figure 3. Applying the Formula

  • Drag the formula from cells C2 to C6 using the fill handle on the bottom right.

Column C will now show TRUE for the values pineapples and mangoes which are duplicates.

Excel has made working with duplicates very simple. As we saw, combining COUNTIF and AND functions can quickly find out duplicates in two columns. However, we can  use conditional formatting to display a more visual result.

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