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I need an excel formula for following.I need to retreive Dates based on CarModel Id .look up the id and retrieve dates.When i retrieve dates i want to retrieve blank values if any.Currently i am using the formula Text(VLOOKUP (),"MM/DD/YYYY") which inserts 1/9/1900 instead of blanks.
Solved by G. C. in 60 mins
im trying to make a formula to where it will pull a value from a different sheet. i have tried looking up index and vlookup but i cant get them to work properly and not sure what i am doing wrong
Solved by O. J. in 23 mins
Hi. Been on this problem for days now. Here is the formula I have managed to come up, it works ok and does what I need but I need the D3 and E3 to be referenced in the same way as the FEE_Table as when I . For instance when I select a value from the data validation list in Y2, if the value in AA2 is blank it returns value from Postage!D3, but if not it returns value from Postage!E3. These D3 & E3 values are in the same FEE_Table. So am hoping there is some way I can include in the IF function another Vlookup which chooses the value I want. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks =VLOOKUP(Y2,FEE_Table,4,0)+IF(AA2="",Postage!D3,Postage!E3)
Solved by M. A. in 60 mins
I need help with a vlookup type formula that will take a given name and reference it against a list of names in columns D-O. then take a given date and reference it against dates in columns A10-A440, then return the cell or its contents at the intersection of those that column and row.
Solved by I. H. in 13 mins
I have three columns on a spreadsheet. The first two columns I need sorted so that it includes everything 80% and greater. The third column I also need 80% or greater but this column is a result of a VLOOKUP formula.
Solved by M. H. in 60 mins
I need help with a VLOOKUP formula. How do create a formula.
Solved by K. A. in 20 mins
hi, I want to do a vlookup, but look up one reference, but lookup from 8 different columns to bring back data from another column, then drag the formula to bring up the rest of the data from another column
Solved by G. W. in 30 mins
hi can you help me out with the vlookup formula
Solved by A. D. in 22 mins
Hello Team, I have a sheet with several tabs, Tab1 extracts data from 3 other tabs using vlookup, where the data in these 3 tabs is changed each month. how can I make vlookup functions in Tab1 work automatically once I put the new monthly data in the other 3 tabs. For now, I have to write vlookup formulas in tab1 every month as it doesn't work otherwise. Another issue please, Mostly after applying Vloopkup I get some cells with #NA, when I write the same formula again in these cells it gives me the output as expected in some cells but also some few cells give me #NA & i have to write the formula again& again till all are completed.
Solved by S. D. in 40 mins
I am getting an N/A from a vlookup formula and cannot figure out why
Solved by C. U. in 17 mins
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