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Question 5. In cell B18, create a formula using nested IF functions and VLOOKUP functions to determine what to do with the returns. Use the lookup table in the Return Data worksheet. Refer to Figure 8-46 for some hints on how to create the formula.
Solved by O. E. in 33 mins
Hi, I have a problem with vlookup formula, I am not sure what am I doing wrong but it seems to not be working
Solved by K. F. in 40 mins
Vlookup or match help, having issues creating the formula
Solved by X. Y. in 18 mins
I have an IF statement that works. Its pretty complicated with VLOOKUP. But i need to make this an OR statement and i keep getting errors and can't figure out the formula.
Solved by F. S. in 30 mins
When i do a VLOOKUP, I cannot autofill the formula for the rest of the table. It copies the initial cell that the VLOOKUP was done.
Solved by G. A. in 20 mins
Excel formula returns a lot of #N/A results but unsure how to incorporate the IFERROR function to remove them, Can anybody help? =IF($A3="","",IF(VLOOKUP($A3,'SHAREPOINT LINK]Jobs Log'!$A:$Y,17,FALSE)="","",VLOOKUP($A3,'SHAREPOINT LINK]Jobs Log'!$A:$Y,17,FALSE))) I have removed the link to the sharepoint doc as it gives away the company name so where it says 'SHAREPOINT LINK' just ignore, I don't think anyone needs to know that info. to get the formula to work. Thanks in advance to anyone able to help.
Solved by X. E. in 5 mins
I need to copy a VLOOKUP formula to a cell underneath but instead of moving the third value (B55) to (B56) which happens automatically, I want the formula to move from (B55) to (C55). Basically moving to the next column, not the next row. How do I make this happen?
Solved by O. U. in 33 mins
I need help using VLOOKUP. So I have my formula, and I know its correct but the problem I'm using a name as the lookup value, and the array I'm using has the same entry multiple times. So when I use VLOOKUP I get a #N/A error. How can I adjust this formula to display any one of the results
Solved by B. D. in 7 mins
I am trying to do a VLOOKUP, the formula seems correct to me, the value I am looking for is in the Table Array, but I get an #N/A result
Solved by A. U. in 7 mins
i need help with a formula that allows me to find the same value in another workbook then enter another value from the row it find the match. i know vlookup allows me to find the match but i dont know how to get the other value after it find the match.
Solved by B. H. in 51 mins
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