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How to create a new worksheet using VBA in Excel – Excelchat

Have you been in that situation where you are supposed to open or create a new workbook using VBA in Excel? From time to time, we are faced with work that require us to create a workbook, and we can easily do this using VBA. This post looks at how one can create a new sheet VBA in Excel.

Procedure of creating Excel worksheet with VBA

Step 1: Open an Excel workbook

The very first thing we need to do in order to add a VBA sheet in Excel is to open a workbook. To open, just as it is with every other workbook, we simply need to double-click on it. Alternatively, we can right-click on the workbook and select “Open”.

Step 2: Open VBA editor

After we have opened an Excel workbook, the next thing to do is to open the Excel VBA editor. To do this, press Alt + F11.

Step 3: Insert new module

From the Insert menu, click on new to open a new module

Figure 1: VBA new module

Step 4: Copy and paste the code

In the new module, copy and paste the code below;

Sub AddNewWorkbook1()

         'Adding New Workbook


            'Saving the Workbook

               ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "C:\WorkbookName.xls"


               ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:\WorkbookName1.xls"

End Sub

Step 5: Check output

In order to see the output of the code, you need to press F5 key.

The output will be a newly created workbook by VBA. Now save the workbook as macro enabled workbook.

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