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Excel MID Function

We can use the Excel MID function to extract given characters from the middle of a text string. While this might seem challenging to some people, this post provides a clear guide on how extract the middle characters of a supplied text string using the excel MID function.

Figure 1: Finding md characters in a text string

Syntax of the formula

=MID (text, start_number, num_chars)


  • Text- refers to the text string we want to extract from.
  • Start_num- refers to the location of the first character to extract.
  • Num_chars– refers to the number of characters to extract.

Understanding the Excel MID function

As already stated, the Excel MID function is necessary if we are to extract characters from a given text string. This function works by;

  • It returns the number of characters which you have specified from the text string.
  • It starts from the “start_num” and goes through to “start_num + num_chars”
  • Used when we want to extract text from inside a text string, based on a given location and length.
  • To find the location if we don’t know, we can use the FIND or SEARCH functions to locate the “start_num”.


Figure 2: Using Excel MID function to find mid characters in a text string

Step 1: Prepare the data sheet with columns for “text string”, “start”, “characters” and “result”.

Step 2: In cell E2, enter the formula; i.e. =MID (B2,C2,D2)

Step 3: Press Enter

Step 4: Copy the formula across the other cells

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