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Double quotes inside a formula – PENDING




While using Excel, if you need to add double quotes in any formula that you want to use, you are required to use another double quote which can be called escape characters. What does escape character mean? Actually, it tells the Excel to consider characters as a part of the actual text. Apart from this, the rule of applying quotes in any formula you normally use remains the same.


If you want to apply double quote on a word “Hello” in cell B2 so you can use this formula like this:


If you want to put double quotes around the movie name, you can simply apply this formula to the movie name, assuming the above example ‘Hello’ is a movie name and then


="The famous movie """ &B2&""" was released in 2000"

The result of this command would be: The famous movie “Hello” was released in 2000.

Another way of doing it to use CHAR function with number 34. So, the command becomes

="The famous movie "&CHAR(34)&A1&CHAR(34)&" was released in 2000"

CHAR(34) helps to bring double quote character in the output as a part of the actual text.

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