Excel MODE.MULT Function


The Excel MODE.MULT function returns a vertical column of most every now and again happening numbers in a numeric data set. For instance, =MODE.MULT(6,7,7,8,9,9,10) returns {7:9}.


Get most every now and again happening number

Return esteem

Numbers represent to mode(s)

Structural Formula

=MODE.MULT (number1, [number2], ...)


number1 – A-numbers or cells references which are referred to numeric qualities.

number2 – [optional] A-numbers or cells reference which is referred to numeric qualities.


Figure 1. Excel Mode.Mult(number1,number2)



The Excel MODE.MULT function returns a vertical column of the most as often as possible happening number(s) in a numeric data index. The number can be provided as a number, range, named extent, or cell reference that consists of numeric qualities.

In the figure above, the formula entered in E6:E10 is:


The function as just been recently added to Excel 2010, therefore, it will not be available in the earlier versions of Microsoft Excel.

Array formula structure

The MODE.MULT  function returns an array of the result and should be entered as an array formula:

  • Select a vertical range of cells
  • Enter MODE.MULT function
  • Confirm with control + shift + enter

In each chose cells, MODE.MULTI will return a mode esteem, on the off chance that one exists.

Horizontal column

The MODE.MULT function return results in a vertical exhibit. To restore a level cluster, include the transpose function:



Whenever provided numbers don’t contain copies, MODE.MULT will return #N/A

The MODE function disregards void cell, and cell that contain boolean qualities or content.

Contentions can be number, name, column, or reference.


  1. If an array contains text, empty cells or logical values the values are ignored. However, cells with the value zero are included.
  2. Arguments that are error values or text that cannot be translated into numbers cause errors.


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