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Excel MODE Function

What is the Excel Mode Function?

The MODE function is an integrated operation in Excel which is usually classified as a Statistical operation. The Excel MODE operation determines the most regularly occurring, or incessant, element in a variety or an array of data.



How to use the Excel MODE Function.

The MODE function determines central tendency, which is primarily the specific position of the middle of an assortment of figures in a statistical arrangement. The end result of which, is to try to determine the most consistently appearing figure.

The MODE operation syntax possesses the following conditions:

  • Number 1 = The primary number contention wherefore you desire to determine the mode
  • Number2 (not required) = Number contention 2 to 100 wherefore you desire to determine the mode.


In the explanation highlighted below, the MODE was ascertained for every single record of figures within the cells of each row, individually by applying the formula in L2 being =MODE(A2:J2)

Figure 1. Example 1. of the MODE Function in Excel.

  • Rows have the option to comprise of digits, headings, arrays, or work recommendations comprised of figures.
  • In the event that the item set comprises of no single replicated item points, MODE gives the #N/A error value.
  • In the event that a mixture or simply reference information is comprised of written phrases, practical prices, or unoccupied cells, such information values are not considered; having said that, cells with the amount 0 are featured.
  • Data results which have error quotes or written content that simply cannot be translated into figures contribute to common mistakes.


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