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Excel FREQUENCY Function

Excel FREQUENCY Function is a statistical function which returns how often a value(s) occur within a set of data


=FREQUENCY (data_array,bins_array)

Example 1

Let’s explore an easy example of Excel Frequency Function

Figure 1. Simplified Frequency Function

  1. Place the cursor in cell G2
  2. Type the Excel Frequency function =FREQUENCY(C2: C7, E2)
  3. Press enter

OUTPUT: 3 (marks that are <=40)

Example 2

In example 2 will take a look at a more complicated Excel FREQUENCY Function involving arrays.

How to use the Excel FREQUENCY Function

  1.    Put the cursor in Cell H5
  2.    Type an equal sign, then Excel FREQUENCY Function.
  3.    Select D5:D14 (data_array)
  4.    Select G5:G9 (the bins_array).
  5.    Click anywhere within the formula
  6.    Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter (appears ={FREQUENCY(D5:D14,G5:G9)})
  7.    Output 2 appears in cell H2
  8.    Put the cursor in H2, highlight the cells H2:H9
  9.  Repeat step 7

Figure 2. How to use data_array and bins_array

The data_array (cell range) D5-D14 contains a list of children ages. The BIN column represents values (0-4, 5-8,9-10,11-12,13-15)you need to calculate the frequency. Explanation

In example 2 above the Excel FREQUENCY Function returns a vertical array in the Frequency column with 5 values.


  • Instead of pressing Enter key to assign the formula to cell  H2, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter
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