How to the Display ‘Go To’ Dialog Box in Excel

The “Go To” Dialog Box is a quick way to find data in large Excel worksheets. Excel provides you with a shortcut to Display the ‘Go To’ dialog box.

Go To Dialog Box Shortcut Keys for Windows


Shortcut Keys for MAC


What does Display ‘Go To’ dialog box shortcut do?

As the name suggests, it displays ‘Go To’ dialog box.

The ‘Go To’ helps take you to a specific range or any address that it receive as arguments. It also contains a ‘Special’ button that allows you to choose different cells depending on multiple criteria such as blank cells, cells with formulas and much more.

How to use the Shortcut to Display ‘Go To’ dialog box?

  • Press the shortcut keys, i.e., Ctrl+G in windows and following ‘Go To’ dialog box will appear.

Figure 1. Example 1 of shortcut to display ‘Go To’ dialog box

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