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Round a Number to Nearest Multiple

Figure 1. of Round a Number to Nearest Multiple in Excel.

Let’s say we have to round a number value to the nearest multiple specified by us. Simply put, we wish to round a number to the nearest multiple of 5, 10, 0.10, $, and so on.

We will be making use of the Excel MROUND Function.

Generic Formula


This will instruct Excel to pick the number value in a cell to be rounded to a specific multiple.

How to use the MROUND Function in Excel

We are going to utilize the Excel MROUND Function in three simple steps!

  1. Set up our worksheet by inputting the number value for rounding repeatedly into the cells of a column. Provide a separate column to specify the various multiples. Label yet another column for our output.

See example illustrated below;

Figure 2. of Input, Multiple and Output.

  1. The formula which we will enter into the formula bar for cell C2 of our worksheet, is as follows;


Figure 3. of Round a Number to Nearest Multiple in Excel.

  1. Modify and copy the formula in cell C2 above, into the other cells in the OUTPUT column to get the desired results.

Figure 4. of Round a Number to Nearest Multiple in Excel.

The Excel MROUND Function for rounding a wide variety of number values like time, prices and instrument readings.

Figure 5. of Final Result.

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