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Find Out How to Delete a Pivot Table

The Pivot Table is a very powerful tool in Excel to make calculations and provide data insight quickly. When we insert the Pivot Table in the worksheet, we might need to clear or delete Pivot Table. In this article, we will review multiple methods to clear or delete a pivot table inserted in a worksheet.

Figure 1. Pivot Table in a Worksheet

Method 1. Deleting the Entire Pivot Table’s Worksheet

When we insert a Pivot Table in a separate worksheet in Excel, then we can delete Pivot Table by deleting the entire worksheet from Excel workbook. Simply mouse right click on the Pivot Table worksheet and select the Delete option.

Figure 2. Deleting the entire Pivot Table Worksheet

Method 2. Deleting a Pivot Table in Worksheet

If we want to delete Pivot Table only in a worksheet instead of deleting the entire worksheet then we can delete Pivot Table like this:

  • Click any anywhere in the PivotTable to show the PivotTable Tools on the ribbon.
  • Click Option > Select > Entire PivotTable to select the Pivot table

Figure 3. Selecting Entire Pivot Table

Tip: In Excel 2013, we need to click on Analyze > Select > Entire PivotTable

  • Then press the Delete button on the keyboard to remove the selected Pivot Table in a worksheet.

Method 3. Deleting Pivot Table Cells

We can delete Pivot Table in Excel worksheet by deleting the pivot table cells like this:

  • Click anywhere in Pivot Table and press Ctrl + A to select all the cells in Pivot Table
  • On Home Tab, in Cells section, click on Delete drop down and select “Delete Cells
  • Then, select Shift cells left or Shift cells up  and press OK

Figure 4. Deleting Cells of Pivot Table

Figure 5. Shifting Cells

Alternately, using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A select all the cells of Pivot Table and press Delete button on the keyboard to delete Pivot Table cells.

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