Get number at place value

When we talk about place value, we refer to the units of numbers in their millions,100,000s, 10,000s, 100s, 10s, 1s. And so on and forth, until the last digits. Excel allows you to be able to get number at place value by using the MOD function.


This formula appears on the column in which you want your final output to be generated. To get number at place value:

= MOD (number, place *10) – MOD (number, place)


In generating a character in a certain place value in Excel, it’s possible to create a formula that operates by the MOD function, which uses a module framework. This function works by processing a certain number and divisor supplied, before showing the remainder as its result after it has divided them by one another.

In using the above syntax, we take away one MOD from the other. The first MOD uses the number that has a divisor which is the same as the place value we desire 10 times over. That means that for every first MOD that is supplied, it must have a divisor 10x the number you want. The second MOD uses a number that has a divisor same as the place value you seek.

Example and Explanation

In the example shown below, the formula in cell D3 is

=MOD (B3, C3*10) – MOD (B3, C3)

The place is one (1), and the result is 8

Figure 1 showing the selection of a place using MOD and its corresponding value

Here is how it works.

=MOD (B7,C7*10)-MOD(B7,C7)

=MOD (12288,10000*10)-MOD(12288,10000)



You can also follow the example above to generate numbers at a specific place in your Excel spreadsheet, switching up the formula based on your cell location.

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