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Get Number at Place Value

We can use a formula that is based on MOD to get a number at place value. Place value in this context refers to ones, tens, hundredths and so on. This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to get a number at a specified place value.

Figure 1: Get number at place value

Syntax of the formula

=MOD(number, place*10) – MOD(number, place)

Understanding how the formula works

This formula works by subtracting one MOD result from another. In the formula, the MOD function takes a number and a divisor, and then returns the remainder after carrying out the division.

In the example below, we have the formula solved as below;

=MOD(A2,B2*10) – MOD(A2,B2)

=MOD(44578, 1*10) – MOD(44578,1)




Figure 2: Example of MOD function

Explanation: We use the number with the divisor which is equals the place value we want 10 times in the first MOD.  However, when it comes to the second MOD, we only use the number with the divisor which is equal to the place value we are seeking.

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