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Multiplication table formula

Build Multiplication Table Formula

Have you been facing problems in using Excel due to not knowing how to build a multiplication table formula? Do not worry anymore, here is a complete guideline for you to learn how to do it.




Here is the complete explanation of how you can build a multiplication table formula.

Example 1:

We use a mixed reference to build a multiplication table formula because it is a classic problem in Excel. The mixed reference has a combination of absolute and relative references.

Figure 1. Using Mixed reference to build multiplication table formula in Excel

In the example given above, the formula used is:


Important Note:

Mixed references are regularly found in most excel worksheets which have been designed thoroughly. Admittedly, it is difficult to design them, but they make the entry of formulas very easy and convenient. They minimize chances of errors as they allow you to copy one formula to many locations without making any manual edits.

The formula in this example is very well designed as you can easily copy it all through the interior of multiplication table and you will not have the need to change it. This means that the references in the table will change on their own accord to calculate the product of respective rows and columns. You will just have to copy the formula to the cells of the table where you need to perform the required operations.

This way you can easily build multiplication table formula without having to worry much.


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