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Hyperlink to first match

Hyperlink to the first match

Have you been worried lately because you think that the method of creating a hyperlink to the first match is too complex? It is, but with simple formulas, you can hyperlink to first match within seconds. Excel is always challenging unless you know the exact formula that makes your calculation or performance error-free. We are here to remove your worries in this regard because this post will provide you with the simplest solution for creating a hyperlink to the first match.




You can make use of this formula to create a hyperlink to the first match by using some functions like CELL, INDEX, and MATCH to assist the process.

Here is an example for you to see the process more clearly.


You can use lookup value to apply this formula to a certain cell and then create a hyperlink to the original match.

In this example, the formula that we will use to lookup and match the first value is:


We then sent this number to the data array as a row_num.


Then we extract the address and concentrate it on the # character.


In the end, we sent it to the main hyperlink using the following function in the formula.


Here ‘blue’ is the text which we created a hyperlink for in this example.

Figure 1.Hyperlink to the first match by simple and easy formulas

This way the Hyperlink function is created and you can match it to the first value by a simple click. This is a simple yet effective way of generating a hyperlink to its first value using INDEX and MATCH functions.


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