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Flip table rows to columns

Are you looking for easier ways on the internet to flip table rows to columns? If you are then you have stepped to the right place. Manually setting the rows to the column can be very time taking and hectic so what if you can just do it within seconds. It’s easy and gets your work done accurately without any mistake.

How to flip table rows to a column?



For flipping the table in Excel or in simple words adding the vertical data in horizontal, we use TRANSPOSE function. It holds a very special place among the other functions. The main reason is that usually large multinational companies are looking for quicker ways to flip their data. This function helps a lot and assure accurate results.


Let’s take an example here where we will apply the following formula:


Figure 1. Flip table rows to columns by using TRANSPOSE function


If you have a multi-cell array as we have in the above example, click control, shift and enter together.

Working on this formula

Here, the TRANSPOSE function works with just one click. You just have to know the exact formula. You can even select the cells where you want the post the new flipped data by customizing the options. These options appear when you click control, shift and enter together.

Benefits of TRANSPOSE in excel

In simple words, for large applications, companies or data this function works like a charm. Companies require such simple ways that help them to evaluate large sets of data. If you want to flip table rows to columns in like thousands. This will increase the cost and time for people. So, in order to avoid these, this is how you can easily flip table rows to columns in seconds. Just remember to stick to the instructions to get accurate results.

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