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Flip table rows to columns

If we want to change the orientation of a table, that is to change the rows to columns, we can use the TRANSPOSE function. This post provides a clear guide on how you can flip the orientation of an excel table.

Figure 1: How to flip table rows to columns in excel

General syntax of the formula



Range- refers to the range of values that you want to flip.

How the formula works

  • TRANSPOSE function is fundamental when it comes to changing the orientation of an excel table.
  • When working with this function to get the transpose, there must be a one on one relationship between the source and the target.
  • Note that in our example above, we have transformed a table, which is six rows and two columns, to one of six columns and two rows.
  • The TRANSPOSE function creates a dynamic link between the source and target. This ensures that any change in the source table is also reflected in the target table.
  • This function is fundamental when dealing with very large sets of data.
  • It also helps in reducing the cost of doing this, as it oversimplifies work.
  • Note that this is an array formula, thus it is necessary that it be entered in an array format. i.e. Control + Shift + Enter.

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