Excel MIN Function

Excel MIN function

The inbuilt Excel MIN function finds the smallest numeric value in an array of cells.

How does the Excel MIN function work?

  1. The Excel MIN function is an inbuilt function in the Excel worksheet, It can also be called as a Statistical function and, as a part of the worksheet function, this is entered as a formula which is apart from the worksheet.
  2. This function gives the smallest numeric value in a range or array of values and also note that this function completely ignores all the empty cells, and then returns the logical TRUE and FALSE values along with the text values.


=MIN(number_1, [number_2, number_3,....number_n])


  • number_1 (required)-  It represents a numeric value, a named range, an array, or a reference to a numeric value.
  • [number_2,number_3,…..number_n] (optional)- These represent numeric values,  arrays, named ranges or references to numbers and also do note that up to 30 values can be entered.


  1. The inbuilt MIN function accepts over 255 arguments or parameters and if these arguments contain no numbers then the function returns a ‘0’.
  2. To include all the logical values in a reference cell we make use of the Excel MINA function.


  1. Let us understand how the Excel MIN function works from an example given below. Let us consider a table of the temperature of different regions and find the minimum temperature in the given list.

Figure 1. Table showing the list of countries and their temperatures


The MIN function applied so as to get the smallest number in the given array of numbers.

Figure 2. The Excel MIN function used to find the lowest temperature

The smallest number is successfully returned by the MIN function as shown in the figure.

Figure 3. The lowest temperature is thus returned by the Excel MIN function

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