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How to Get Minimum Value If Criteria Match in Excel

To return the lowest value from a range of cells we use the Excel MIN function. But, if we need to get the minimum value based on criteria then Excel does not have a built-in function for that. However, we can return the minimum value if criteria match by using the MIN and IF functions together in an array formula.

Figure 1. Get Minimum Value If Criteria Match

Using the MIN and IF Functions in an Array Formula

In order to get the minimum value based on criteria, we need to test the criteria on the criteria range in the logical_test argument and insert the range of values, from which we want to get the minimum value, in the value_if_true argument of the IF function inside the MIN function as per the following syntax;

=MIN(IF(logical_test, value_if_true))

Figure 2. The Syntax of MIN and IF Formula

In our example, we need to get the minimum value of time taken in a lap (Fastest Lap) by a specified driver as a criteria value. The criteria range containing the names of drivers is B2: B13, the criteria value is given in cell F4 and the range of values is D2: D13. Using the following formula, we can get the minimum value if criteria match and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys to make it an array formula;


Figure 3. Applying the MIN and IF Formula

Copy or drag the fill handle down to get the results for other criteria values.

Figure 4. Final Output of the MIN and IF Formula

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