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Maximum value

Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful Microsoft Office tools. It allows a user to create sheets, and sort them accordingly. It is also equipped with MAX function, which enables a user to find a maximum value in a row or a column. The formula is simple to follow and easy to use. The following pictorial and tutorial demonstrate that how a user can find a maximum value in an Excel Sheet with respect to a column or row.

Calculating maximum value in Excel Sheet:

Figure 1. Example of finding maximum value on Excel




MAX function is one of the easiest and simple functions in Excel. It is primarily used for returning the largest value in a cell. However, the value should be strictly numeric, and it should be determined in a range of numbers and values given in the cells of Excel Sheets.

If a user is provided with a list of numeric values, and it is required to find out the largest numeric value in a corresponding row or column accordingly. The MAX function is applied throughout the numeric values in a row or column or, it could be applied to selected numerical values for finding out the largest value in a row or column respectively.

A user is simply required to select the values horizontally (in a row) or vertically (in a column) for estimating the MAXIMUM value in a row or column. However, the MAX function is simply restricted to finding out the numeric values, and it tends to neglect text strings, text, any logical value, and empty cells.

How does the formula work?

The simple MAX function is responsible for returning the largest numeric value in a cell or array. The syntax of the formula explains its workability:

=MAX(number1, [number2],[number3],…)

For instance, take the screenshot attached above as an example. It indicates the scores obtained by students out of 100. Also, the screenshot illustrates the scores obtained by each student throughout five quizzes. A teacher is not only required to determine the highest score of a student in a classroom but, it is also required to find out the top marks of a student out of all five quizzes.

It requires the teacher to prepare a list on Excel Spreadsheet. It should sort out the names and score of the quizzes respectively. For example, the given example only illustrates the name of a student—followed by its performance in five quizzes. Also, it also demonstrates the scores of six students in a column.

If a teacher is required to find out the top scores obtained by ONE student throughout five quizzes then, it would apply a MAX function in a row, i.e., next to the name of a student, as established in the excel sheet down below:

Figure 2. Example of finding maximum value on Excel in a row

Figure 3. Example of finding maximum value on Excel in a row

Alternatively, a teacher is also required to find out the top scores obtained by a student in each quiz. It should apply the MAX function column-wise, and it should be applicable to the scores obtained by all six students. Let’s have a look at the example:

Figure 4. Example of finding maximum value on Excel in a column

See, wasn’t that simple to follow? However, you should keep one thing in mind that the MAX function is equipped to perform its functions automatically, and it does not require a user to manually adjust or insert any value to it.


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