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Match First Error

Figure 1. of March First Error Function.

If we want to match the first error entry within a cell range, we can use a formula which is based on the ISERROR and MATCH Functions in Excel. This article will step through the process.

Generic Formula


The operation syntax displayed above is categorized as an “array formula” and it should be entered into our worksheet by holding the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER (CSE) keys.

How to use the Excel MATCH and ISERROR Functions.

Let’s say we have an array of cells (data values included), ISERROR operation syntax will give us a range of TRUE/FALSE results.

We can utilize the Excel MATCH and ISERROR Functions by following two simple steps!

  1. Collect the data values to be checked for Error Values in our Excel sheet. See example illustrated below;

Figure 2. of Data Values for Error Check in Excel.

  1. Kindly note that the 7th data value (which is also the 7th cell in our range of cells) will be seen as a TRUE Result because cell A8 contains #N/A value.

The formula syntax which we will enter into the formula bar for cell B2 in the example illustrated below is as follows;


Figure 3. of MATCH and ISERROR Function in Excel.

The operation syntax we have used in the example illustrated above, will look locate and match the first Error Value within a given range.

By operating from within to the outside, the Excel ISERROR Function will return as TRUE whenever an existing data value has been recognized as an Error.

Figure 4. of Final Result.

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