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Learn How to Use Fuzzy Lookup in Excel

We can use Excel Fuzzy Lookup Add-In to match similar, but not exactly matching data. FUZZY LOOKUP returns a table of matched similar data in the chosen column. FUZZY LOOKUP is useful for comparing two same data sets where one of them comes from an external source and can be misspelled or typed incorrectly. This article will guide all levels of excel users on how to use FUZZY LOOKUP.

Figure 1- How to Use Fuzzy Lookup in Excel

Installation of Fuzzy Lookup in Excel

You won’t find FUZZY LOOKUP in the standard excel tabs and buttons. Download it by clicking HERE and follow the installation instructions.

Figure 2- Fuzzy Lookup Installed In Excel

Creation of Fuzzy Lookup Table with the Data

We must format our data into tables to use Fuzzy Lookup.

  • To do this, we will select the cell range for each table
  • We will click on Insert tab and choose Table

Figure 3- Creation of Fuzzy Lookup Table with the Data

Figure 4- Creation of Fuzzy Lookup Table with the Data

After we have created the two tables, we need to name them to enable their use by Fuzzy Lookup function. We do this by selecting the whole table and enter a name into the Name Box. The name box is where we have H5 in figure 5.

We will enter Sales as the name of the first table and Target Sales for the second table.

Figure 5- Naming the tables for Fuzzy Lookup Use

Using the FUZZY LOOKUP Function

Our aim is to use the fuzzy lookup function to match Name in the first table with Sales in the first table including target sales in the second table based on their similarity. We are assuming that the names in the second table aren’t spelled correctly.


  • First, we will click on Cell H3 where our new table will begin
  • We will click on Fuzzy lookup and click on Fuzzy Lookup below file



Figure 6- Using the FUZZY LOOKUP Function


  • For the output column, we will check the following boxes: Table1.Name, Table1.Sales, Table2.Target Sale, and FuzzyLookup.Similarity
  • We will set the Similarity Threshold as 0.9



Figure 7- Using the FUZZY LOOKUP Function

  • We will click Go

Figure 8- Result of the Fuzzy Lookup Function

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